Sunday, 23 May 2010

In My Mailbox - 7

In My Mailbox is a weekly post hosted by Kristi who's over at The Story Siren.

This week I received:

And Baby Makes Two - Dyan Sheldon
The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson
The Moonstone Legacy - Diana de Gunzberg and Tony Wild
When I was Joe - Keren David
The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson
Flyaway - Lucy Christopher
The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens - Ashley Juergens

And Baby Makes Two - Dyan Sheldon Acquired: Sent to me by Walker Books
Published: May 2010
Summary: A sharply observed, bittersweet tale of the trials of teenage pregnancy. Lana Spiggs is fed up with everyone telling her what to do. If it isn't her mother nagging and shouting, it's her teachers nagging and shouting. What Lana wants is to be grownup. She wants her own flat, her own husband and her own children - and then no one will be able to boss her around any more.

When Lana meets Les on her fifteenth birthday, she knows he is the one. And when she gets pregnant without even trying, she knows it's her ticket to freedom - even though everyone else calls it a prison sentence. But can her dream of Happy Families stand up to reality?

The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson
Acquired: Sent to me by Walker Books
Published: June 7th 2010
Summary: Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, bookworm and band geek, plays second clarinet and spends her time tucked safely and happily in the shadow of her fiery older sister, Bailey. But when Bailey dies abruptly, Lennie is catapulted to center stage of her own life—and, despite her nonexistent history with boys, suddenly finds herself struggling to balance two.

Toby was Bailey’s boyfriend; his grief mirrors Lennie’s own. Joe is the new boy in town, a transplant from Paris whose nearly magical grin is matched only by his musical talent. For Lennie, they’re the sun and the moon; one boy takes her out of her sorrow, the other comforts her in it. But just like their celestial counterparts, they can’t collide without the whole wide world exploding.

The Moonstone Legacy - Diana de Gunzberg and Tony Wild
Acquired: Sent to me by Pushkin Press
Published: May 31st 2010
Summary: In a sacred cave high in the mountains of northern India, a white-haired hermit sits cross-legged, and signs his final testament: "George Abercrombie, 1874...".

In present-day England, fourteen years old Lizzy Abercrombie's mother dies in a tragic accident on the full moon. But was it really an accident? Lizzy discovers that her death may be linked to a mysterious family curse. Determined to solve the mystery, her quest takes her from a doomed Anglo-Indian mansion on the Yorkshire moors to India where she uncovers the terrible truth about her ancestor and a stolen inheritance. But her discoveries put her in mortal danger from a ruthless enemy...

When I was Joe - Keren David
Acquired: Sent to me by Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Published: January 2010
Summary: When Ty witnesses a stabbing, his own life is in danger from the criminals he's named, and he and his mum have to go into police protection. Ty has a new name, a new look and a cool new image -- life as Joe is good, especially when he gets talent spotted as a potential athletics star, special training from an attractive local celebrity and a lot of female attention.

But his mum can't cope with her new life, and the gangsters will stop at nothing to flush them from hiding. Joe's cracking under extreme pressure, and then he meets a girl with dark secrets of her own.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson
Acquired: Sent to me by Henry Holt and Co.
Published: April 2008
Summary: Seventeen-year-old Jenna has been told that is her name. She has just awoken from a year-long coma, and she's still recovering from the terrible accident that caused it. Her parents show her home movies of her life, her memories, but she has no recollection. Is she really the same girl she sees on the screen?

Little by little, Jenna begins to remember. Along with the memories come questions—questions no one wants to answer for her. What really happened after the accident?

Flyaway - Lucy Christopher
Acquired: Sent to me by Chicken House
Published: January 4th 2010
Summary: In this touching novel for ages 10+, Lucy Christopher explores the remarkable bond between a young girl, a boy and a damaged wild bird - a relationship that will touch everyone who reads it.

While visiting her father in hospital, thirteen-year-old Isla meets Harry, the first boy to understand her and her love of the outdoors. But Harry is ill, and as his health fails, Isla is determined to help him in the only way she knows how. Together they watch a lone swan struggling to fly on the lake outside Harry's window.

Isla believes that if she can help the damaged swan, somehow she can help Harry. And in doing so, she embarks upon a breathtakingly magical journey of her own.

The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens - Ashley Juergens
Acquired: Sent to me by Hyperion
Published: June 15th 2010
Summary: I got called into Principal Miller's office again. She handed me a notebook. This notebook. She told me keeping a journal is an excellent way to express oneself. So I have to write in this stupid thing and turn it in at the end of each month.

Little does she know what she's in for. With everything that's been going on--Amy's band camp pregnancy, my parents' divorce, a secret wedding--it's practically one-stop shopping for all your Grant High gossip needs.

Property of Ashley Juergens. Read at your own risk (especially you, Amy).


  1. OMG, Ashley Juergens has a diary! I LOVE that show! I'm so buying this - thanks!

    Happy reading!

  2. When I Was Joe and Flyaway are both brilliant. Though in very different ways... Enjoy!

  3. These look good. I've had my eye on The Adoration of Jenna Fox and When I Was Joe.

  4. Ooh, lots of great stuff :) I ADORED The Sky Is Everywhere, I just checked out When I Was Joe from the library, and The Adoration of Jenna Fox has been on my wishlist for too long now! :) Hope you enjoy these!

  5. Great books to get! I only read one book by Dyan Sheldon and thought it was sooo sweet.


  6. Good books! Hope you enjoy them. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.


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