Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Book Buyers Anonymous Book Ban

Hi everybody. I'm Carly and I'm addicted to buying books.

It's really getting out of control so finding the Book Buyers Anonymous page has come at just the right time for me. I currently have three shelves of books that I have to read and review but I can't stop buying, ahhh, I need help! Just yesterday I ordered TEN books to review for my blog. TEN. When I already have 100+ to read. Ridiculous. I am ridiculous.

And so, I am imposing a book buying ban upon myself that will last until September 1st. How scary. My rules are as follows:

- I can still accept books for review and borrow library books as normal

- I can take part in competitions or book trades, as technically I'll still have the same amount of books to review if I trade anything

- I can buy any books that are less than £2.50 and have free shipping but not more than one a week

If this goes well I may extend it on a per month basis, until I get my TBR pile down to a manageable amount. Plus, this will give me time to get through all those books I've been meaning to read but keep putting off and I can focus on finishing the summer reading challenges I've signed up to. Win win!

If you want to join me in putting yourself on a book buying ban then head across to 25 Hour Books, where you can find more information and sign up for the ban.

Wish me luck!


  1. haha how cool good luck with this honey xxx i wish i had your will power id break lol ibut im here supporting you along the way like a counciller call upon me if you need some support xxx

  2. I suspect it's too late for me :-)

  3. I love buying books. Walking in a bookstore and just sit there for a while holding books that you are going to put back, because you simply can't afford so much right now...got to love that. LOL!! Hope it works!!!

  4. Good luck! This is going to be a hard one, I think!

  5. We can do it! I have well over a 100 too which is why I am doing this :)

  6. I was on a book buying binge for the past few years and my TBR is becoming more intolerant. But I've controlled myself this year and only bought books that were needed for classes! So far so good. Hehe! All the best in your book buying ban. :)

  7. Thanks for joining!! I'm sure we can do this together! My rules for myself are pretty similar. I'll probably lighten up on some of them after this month depending on how well I do :)

  8. Oh I really must do this. My TBR shelves/piles are getting out of control. No will-power though :( GOod luck to you though!


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