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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours - Black Fingernailed Reviews

Hello everybody! Today I've got a bit of an exciting post lined up - well I think so anyway :). I'm starting a new feature called Everybody Needs Good Neighbours where I interview some of my favourite bloggers about all things books!

I think we're such a big community it would be nice to get to know each other a little better so hopefully that's what this feature will achieve. I've really enjoyed the answers I've got back so far and if anyone else is interested in signing up just let me know in the comments or email me at

For the first post I have Khadija from Black Fingernailed Reviews. I've been a fan of Khadija's blog for a while now - her header is gorgeous so make sure you check it out. Also, I'm wearing black nail varnish today so the connection makes me happy :).

1. What’s the story behind your blog name? Were you just looking for something standard that hadn’t already been taken or did you put a lot of thought into it?

Well, names for me always seem to come naturally. I’m good with names because to me that’s the easy part. I think up a name and then the idea and execution always seem to follow. The idea to actually start a blog for me came after thinking up the name. But hey it’s a pretty awesome name right? :)

2. Have you ever reviewed a book without actually reading it – be honest?

No way NEVER!!!

3. What’s your favorite book of the year and the most disappointing book of the year so far and why?

I can’t pick one favorite there have been so many awesome books this year! Paranormalcy and The Thirteenth Chime have been two of my favorites though. As for my least favorite….i can’t say I have one of those either. I haven’t read a book this year that sucked.

4. Are followers important to you? Are you always aware of how many you have and do you ever set goals of how many followers you’d like to have or are you more relaxed?

Followers are important to me but not how many I have. Each of my followers is important to me because each of them are supporting me and almost all of them have helped me out at one time or another. I don’t have any goals with how many followers I want to have.

5. Do you write fiction yourself and, if so, what do you write and is it with the aim of being published or just for fun?

Sometimes I think I’ll publish but most of the time it’s just eh. I truly love to write but at the moment I’m not sure if it’s just for my eyes alone. I write YA mostly and a little horror, the one thing all my writing has in common is the paranormal tendency and edgy characters that always seem to find their way in.

6. Are you one of these super organized people who writes their ahead of time and schedules them for the week or do you just post as and when you have time to write things?

Ha! Me? Organized? That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever considered. I’m really more the fly by type of person, I go with the flow and…yeah sometimes that gets me in trouble but usually it works out :)

7. What’s your day job? Why do you do what you do? What’s your dream job?

My day job is being a high school student. My dream is to write music. Actually I already write music, but someday I’d like to have a job having to do with music. I don’t think I could live without writing lyrics, my head would explode. It’s my only outlet for emotion. So if I could one day have a job where I could just write and be around music, I’d be high on happiness :P

8. What kind of covers appeal to you? Do you like subtle, unimposing covers or do you prefer them garish and glittery? What are a few of your favorite covers?

I like mysterious and dark covers. Fallen and Torment are some of my favorite YA covers. I like when a cover picture holds a lot of emotion and draws you in, I’m not a huge fan of glitter.

9. How do you organize your books? Alphabetically or by genre/TBR list? Or do you just throw them onto the shelves and hope for the best?

Mine are organized a bit weirdly. I have them organized by what the book is about. Realistic Fiction, then it gets crazy…werewolves, vampires, fairies, banshees, etc. They all have a designated section on my bookshelves.

10. What are your other passions besides books?


11. What’s the one fiction genre you just can’t get into and why doesn’t it appeal to you?

Chick Lit. I can just never relate to the characters.

12. What’s your opinion on Twitter and what changes do you think it’s made to blogging? (If you are a Twitter fan do leave your username here so I/others can follow you!)

I’m not a obsessed twitter person but I do have an account and do like how easy it is to talk to other bloggers and authors. @BlckFingernailD

13. What exciting things do you have coming up on your blog we can look out for?

I have a new meme coming up called ‘Upcoming Must Reads’ which will be a monthly meme where I feature a group of ten bloggers a month. And throughout the month I’ll interview each author.

So go go go and visit Black Fingernailed Reviews and check out Khaidija's brand new meme, Upcoming Must Reads!


  1. I love this new feature Carly!
    I went over to Black Fingernailed Reviews and it was an awesome! I'm definitely a follower now :)

  2. Thanks for having me Carly :) So much fun to answer all those questions, sorry i couldnt answer more! Can't wait for the next post for this!!! :)

  3. I like this feature, Carly. I've been a fan of Black Fingernailed Reviews for about six months now, and i am continually impressed by Khadija. Which is saying a lot from this crabby misanthrope.
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    Madame Perry's Salon
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  4. This is a good idea, Carly!
    I really enjoyed this interview. I love finding out about other bloggers but don't really have the time to go searching anymore.


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