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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours - Nyxen's Adventure

So for day two of my Everybody Needs Good Neighbours feature I've got Nyxen from Nyxen's Sidewalk Journey Through Life, which is such a fun blog. I love reading her reviews and what she's been up to so you should definitely stop by and take a look.

1. What’s the story behind your blog name? Were you just looking for something standard that hadn’t already been taken or did you put a lot of thought into it?

-My blog name, Nyxen’s Adventure (Nyxen’s Sidewalk Journey Through Life), is very long but very unique. It all started with a story I was writing, a Harry Potter fanfiction. I wanted to create a very powerful witch and what not. I’m not going to bore you so after awhile I came up with Nyxen. I have no idea how but ever since then- 2007- I’ve been hooked on that name. And when I started my blog I knew I wanted to incorporate Nyxen because that’s sort of, I guess, my alter ego. And the adventure part came from the fact that the blog wasn’t going to be based exclusively on book but on my life as well. :D

2. Have you ever reviewed a book without actually reading it – be honest?

-No, but I have thought of it. I thought of going to other reviews and seeing their comments on whether they liked it or not or I would have just asked my friend to tell me what happened. But I have never not read a book and then review it.

3. What’s your favourite book of the year and the most disappointing book of the year so far and why?

-So far, my favourite books of this year would have to be either The Eternal Ones or Mockingjay because I don’t know why. :P Those books just left me wanting more and I just loved them so, so, so much! My least favourite book would probably have to be Dido. There was something about that book that irked me.

4. Are followers important to you? Are you always aware of how many you have and do you ever set goals of how many followers you’d like to have or are you more relaxed?

-They are important to me but they also don’t run my life. Sure, I would love to have a lot of followers and a lot more people reading my blog but that takes time. Just because I lose a follower or don’t gain any in a matter of weeks doesn’t mean I’m going to stop blogging. I will still post reviews and other stuff that may be important to me.

5. Do you write fiction yourself and, if so, what do you write and is it with the aim of being published or just for fun?

-I write. I think almost everyone who reads or blogs about books writes. I write fanfiction (mostly Harry Potter) because I want to see what could happen out of the actual storyline. Being published is something I dream of. When I’m older I want to write for a living and have people read what I wrote. I would also just love to have a bound copy of something I’ve written.

6. Are you one of these super organised people who writes their ahead of time and schedules them for the week or do you just post as and when you have time to write things?

-I’m in the middle of both. I write and schedule things but the day before. School has been hectic so sometimes I don’t have anything on my blog because I couldn’t write the post up the day before. I should start writing posts for next month. :P

7. What’s your day job? Why do you do what you do? What’s your dream job?

-Well, being 14 (15 maybe, by the time people read this) I don’t have a job expect for school. Which is totally boring. When I’m sixteen, I am going to beg my parents to let me get a job at Borders. I really want that sort of job. My dream job is to become an author. But sometimes that won’t work out so I hope to work for a publishing company. Either way, I’ll be working with books so it’s a win win.

8. Is blogging something you share with real life friends or is it something you keep private?

-I do not share my blogging life with my RL friends. The difference between me and my friends is that I’m an avid reader and I am in love with the internet. I love to make friends over the internet because we have a lot of things in common. Most of my friends are partiers, I guess. They wouldn’t understand my passion for books and writing and blogging.

9. What kind of covers appeal to you? Do you like subtle, unimposing covers or do you prefer them garish and glittery? What are a few of your favourite covers?

-I guess I’m in the middle of both. I love the subtle ones but sometimes I love the out there ones. Types like The Dark Devine and The Body Finder really appeal to me. But I also love the teen covers like Lock and Key and Amy and Rodger’s Epic Detour. I love all kinds of covers, pretty much.

10. Can you tell me a few of your favourite blogs and why you enjoy them so much?

-I love Harmony’s Radiant Reads because she’s one of my best friends and she just made of win. Her posts are so quirky and original. I also love The Story Siren because she’s like the guru of blogging. Her posts are always so informative. Reading Vacation is another because she’s an eleven year old girl and is really inspirational. There are so many other blogs I always visit and want to talk about but it would probably be best to keep this short.

11. What are your pet peeves about other book blogs? No naming names please (well, unless you want to!) but what are the little things over bloggers do that really grate on you?

-I don’t have many but one of them is that on most blogs there is this toolbar at the bottom of the screen that just irritates me. Nothing major and it’s all I can think about right now.

12. Do you ever vlog? If so, what made you start doing it and do you prefer it to regular blogging?

-I do vlog! And before I even started blogging I vlogged. I wanted to be the next Youtube sensation but I realized it was something I didn’t really want to pursue. Now, blogging, that’s something different. :D

13. What are a few of your blog aspirations for the next few months? Do you want to hit a certain amount of followers or post a certain amount of reviews?

-I want to hit at least 100 followers by the end of the year. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot for the time I’ve been blogging but it does make a difference. And I want more people to find out about my blog.

14. Have you met up with any other book review bloggers? If so, which blogs do they run and where/why did you meet up with them?

-I have not, sadly. But Harmony (Harmony’s Radiant Reads) and I keep making plans to meet. She might vacation in California, where I live, or we might meet at BEA. But that probably won’t happen.

15. Can you tell me about a book that you read because of all the hype but were really disappointed by?

-So far, not yet. I’ve read a lot of books that have exceeded my expectations or barely made it. But Fallen by Lauren Kate wasn’t all what I expected. I expected more but I am still excited for the sequel nonetheless.

16. Do you do your own graphics for you blog? If not, where do you get your backgrounds etc from? Are you good at HTML or do you find the whole thing a bit of a pain? (Me trying to configure the three column HTML is not a pretty sight)

-I do all my own graphics even if they aren’t that good. I think you don’t get the real experience until you try to make your own layout. It’s always fun to do something new to your blog anytime you feel like it. Oh, and don’t get me started on the three columns. It took me months to figure it out and perfect it for my blog!

17. Do you normally request books you want to review or do you wait to be approached? How long had you been blogging before you requested a book/were approached about reviewing a book?

-Until my stats are higher, I won’t be requesting a book. I guess I’m just really nervous to contact a publisher first. But I am also still waiting to be approached too, if that ever happens.

18. How do you organise your books? Alphabetically or by genre/TBR list? Or do you just throw them onto the shelves and hope for the best?

-I have OCD when it comes to my books. I used to always organize them by alphabetical order but now I have paperbacks on one side and hardcovers on the other so now I’m hoping for the best. :P I might just coordinate them by color.

19. What are your other passions besides books?

-I love writing, but I think that’s a given, lol. Doctor Who is also one of my television passions. I am obsessed with that show. I also like to play softball and I cheer but I wouldn’t say that’s a passion.

20. What’s the one fiction genre you just can’t get into and why doesn’t it appeal to you?

-I love to read all types of genres actually. But it’s historical that leaves me hesitant. It has to be a really well written historical novel for me to read. One of my favourites is Wildthorn.

21. Do you set time aside specifically for blogging or do you just blog when you get the chance?

-I try to set aside time for blogging but ever since school started it’s been very hard. So, lately whenever I get the chance I do post something or schedule some posts. But I keep a planner specifically for my blog so if I wrote something important that needed to be posted then it will get done. :P

22. What’s your opinion on Twitter and what changes do you think it’s made to blogging? (If you are a Twitter fan do leave your username here so I/others can follow you!)

-I absolutely love Twitter! I think having a twitter account or anything interactive really defines who you are as a blogger because people get to see you in non-professional ways. This gives you a chance to meet and communicate with your followers and just become friends.

My Twitter is NyxensAdventure.

23. What exciting things do you have coming up on your blog we can look out for?

-Well, I just started this new feature called Music Video Saturdays and it’s just where I find a song that represents a book or a fan made video featuring a certain book. There are also going to be many more reviews and possibly author interviews.

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