Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Trash Blog Tour - Day Two

Hello everybody! It's day two of the Trash blog tour, hosted here at Writing from the Tub. So read on for the next stop on Andy's publicity tour and remember to enter the Trash giveaway, which is closing in two days!

(Hard at work signing at Dulwich College)

'It was a trip to the leafy village of Dulwich today, to visit Tales on Moon Lane, one of the most fabulous children’s bookshops I’ve ever stepped into – it really reminded me of stepping through some portal, or wardrobe and ducking into Narnia.

Now I don’t want to get too fanciful, and fantasy isn’t my genre or interest – but you step off the pavement and the owners have crammed their shelves with such an array of gorgeous looking books that it does feel like a wonderland.

Then it was on to Dulwich College, which is one of those very grand private schools where you expect to be sent round to the tradesmen’s entrance or flogged by prefects. Not a bit of it, of course – we could not have been made more welcome, and it was a joy to meet a bunch of boys genuinely excited by reading in a library dedicated to the 11-13 age-group. Interesting questions about the writing of the book, the creation of character.

I would have stayed for ever, but my afternoon meeting was with a film producer, and I didn’t want to miss that as it was an office in North London where the GODS OF FILM live (you should see the posters!) – serious people who want to make ‘Trash’ the movie, but I’m not allowed to say any more at present, so I will close the blog here. Early start tomorrow…'

(Cakes at Dulwich College - very jealous)

So that's it for today everyone. Check back tomorrow for another post and more info about Andy's publicity tour. I'll also be attending the Trash dinner tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes!

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