Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Eight: Five Bookish Events I Attended in 2010

So at the beginning of 2010 I knew nobody in the blogging community and wouldn't dream of getting the train up to London for an event. However, I attended a few over the course of this year and loved all of them. I've got a few events lined up for 2011 already and I'm super excited about all of them!

Meeting up with other bloggers is one of my favourite things about running this blog and everybody's always so friendly. Plus, it's awesome to be around other people who are as bookish as me. Of all the events I attended this year these five have been my favourites:

Day Eight: Five Bookish Events I Attended in 2010

• Blogger Meet Up (Picadilly, London - April)

My first ever blogger event! I very nearly didn't make it to this one. I dropped off the radar between February-April as I had a bit of drama going on but got things back on track and decided to hop on the train and head to Picadilly Circus to meet up with a bunch of other UK bloggers. I'd never met (or really even spoken) to any of them before and my blog only had a handful of posts on it. I felt a bit cheeky really, like my blog wasn't as big as anyone else's and I shouldn't really gatecrash a meet up for 'real' bloggers.

I had a fantastic time, though and everybody was so lovely. It really gave me some motivation to keep working on my blog and I'm pleased to say I think I've found my way with my blog since then. If I hadn't attended this event I'm not 100% sure that I would have carried on with Writing from the Tub as it was meeting all of these other bloggers that gave me the confidence to keep going. Yay!

• Random House Book Blogger Brunch (Random House Offices, London - July)

When I received an invite to visit the RHCB offices in London I was over the moon. I never thought I'd get invited to anything like this and I was so excited. The event was brilliant, I got to know the Random House girls a lot better and raiding the bookshelves with the other bloggers has got to be one of my highlights of 2010. Awesome!

• Trash dinner (Notting Hill, London - September)

When Random House asked me to host Andy Mulligan's blog tour leading up to the release of Trash I was ridiculously excited. I loved the book so it was such an honour to be asked. A few weeks later when an invite came through to my email asking me to attend a dinner in Notting Hill to celebrate the release of Trash I was SUPER excited, to say the least.

I met some brilliant people, had an amazing time and am still so, so grateful that I was invited - this was definitely the highlight of my blogging experience so far so BIG thanks for Random House. In fact, big thanks for Random House for all they've done for me this year - they've been amazing.

• Maggie Stiefvater/Jennifer Lynn Barnes signing (Bath Literature Festival – October)

Living down in the West Country like I do means we don't get too many author events going on but when the lovely Sophie from So Many Books, So Little Time asked if I wanted to go to the Maggie Stiefvater/Jennifer Lynn Barnes event at the Bath Literature Festival I jumped at the chance.

We had a brill time (and maybe one too many cocktails) and both authors were great - I have to admit I didn't know much about Jennifer Lynn Barnes before the event but she was lovely (and told great monkey stories) so I'm really excited to read Raised by Wolves in 2011. Big bonus of this event was randomly bumping into the lovely Michelle from Fluttering Butterflies!

• Lauren Kate meet up (Angel Islington, London - November)

As I mentioned in my post yesterday I was lucky enough to get to meet Lauren Kate at a blogger event last month (or was it October...? Maybe) when a few of us UK bloggers went up to London. She was absolutely lovely and spent so much time answering all of our questions, signing all of our books (and trust me, some of us had a LOT - I'm looking at you Lynsey :P) and posing for photos. Brilliant!

Also, the lovely Kylie over at Kylie's Reads and the lovely Keris Stainton (of Della says: OMG! fame) are both posting their own versions of this feature so head over to their blogs to check out their posts :).


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  2. The talk/signing was so much fun, wasn;t it?! We definitely need to meet up again. I haven't done anything bookish since then... :)

  3. It was lovely meeting you as well :) I didn't go to very many bookish events last year, hopefully that will all change in 2011!


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