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The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Four: 9 Books I Missed Out On In 2010

So today is my BIRTHDAY. I'm 23, oh my! I'll be posting up later today about my birthday and a little review of the last year so do look out for that. PRESENTS. I'm actually writing this in advance so no presents yet but by the time you read this it WILL be my birthday, hurrah!

Anyway, I digress. Today's Twelve Days of Christmas post is about the nine books I think I missed out on 2010. For whatever reason I never got around to reading them and I wish I had! I'll be trying to read all of these in early 2011 to make up for lost time, as they've all received brilliant reviews so I won't let them elude me again!

Day Four: Nine Books I Missed Out On In 2010

• The Vampire Academy series – Richelle Mead

I have to admit I knew almost nothing about the Vampire Academy series until Last Sacrifice mania hit the blogosphere a couple of weeks ago. I'd seen reviews of the series in passing but never looked into the books in much depth. Vampires aren't massively my thing so I wasn't sure I'd enjoy them. However, so many bloggers have demanded I read the series RIGHTNOW and all of the reviews are brilliant so I've cracked - I've ordered the first three books and will be reading the whole series in 2011.

• The Pretty Little Liars series – Sara Shepard

I'm a massive fan of the PLL TV show so I think I've kind of ruined things for myself with the books, well, the first couple of books at least but at least the 'A' mystery is still intact. I've got the first two books ready to start reading so I'm definitely going to have to start those soon. I always try to read the book before I watch the TV show/film so it was naughty of me to watch the show first. Oh well.

• Tell Me a Secret – Holly Cupala

I completely missed the release of Tell Me a Secret. I KNOW. How? It completely passed me by and before I knew it it was a couple of months later and I still didn't have a copy! This one was on my Christmas list though so fingers crossed!

• Hush Hush/Crescendo – Becca Fitzpatrick

I definitely missed out on some brilliant books this year so I have a lot of catching up to do in 2011! I've already got a copy of Hush Hush but I haven't yet bought Crescendo - I guess there's the possibility that I'll completely hate Hush Hush but judging by the glowing reviews out there I think that's a pretty slim chance.

• Personal Demons – Lisa Desrochers

I've seen team Gabe/Luc buttons all over the blogs and have read review after review of Personal Demons - there have been recreate a cover contests and interviews galore but somehow I managed to get to the end of 2010 without even owning a copy, despite the fact I actually really like the sound of this book. The second installment is coming out in 2011 so I'll need to make sure I've caught up by then!

• Finding Sky – Joss Stirling

It was the cover of Finding Sky that first put it on my radar but the more I've read about it the more I've been intrigued by the story. I love the title of this one as well and it's another one that was on my Christmas list so we'll see if I get it or not!

• The Mortal Instruments series – Cassandra Clare

I need to read these books! I've got City of Ashes and City of Bones on my shelves already so I just need City of Glass to catch up - but I've yet to read any of them. I know, how is that possible? Well, I have no idea. I just got distracted... I have, however, read Clockwork Angel which I loved! And Cassandra Clare's 'South Carolina' Tweets made me laugh so much I'm going to start this series as soon as 2011 chimes in.

• Leviathan – Scott Westerfeld

After reading Uglies earlier this year I fell in love with Westerfeld's unrivaled world building abilities and am really eager to read more of his books. I do actually have a copy of Leviathan coming out to me soon so I'm really excited about that one.

• The Body Finder – Kimberly Derting

This one just slipped under my radar when it was released as I had been intending to pre-order a copy. I've read lots of wonderful reviews of The Body Finder so it's high up on my list to read in 2011 - I promise!

Phew! Can't believe I missed out on so many brilliant titles this year. How about you - are there any books you think you missed out on in 2010?

Also, the lovely Kylie over at Kylie's Reads and the lovely Keris Stainton (of Della says: OMG! fame) are both posting their own versions of this feature so head over to their blogs to check out their posts :).


  1. So good reads there. My missed books of 2010 are at

  2. Happy Birthday :)

    I really need to read The Mortal Instruments & The Vampire Academy series, too.

    From these I've read Leviathan, The Body Finder & Hush, Hush. I loved the other 2, but I wasn't too crazy about Hush Hush, but I'm one of the few ;)

    Have a great birthday!!!

  3. I'm with you on missing out on the Vampire Academy as well. I felt so LEFT OUT when everyone starting RAVING about Last Sacrifice. I'm hoping to find the whole series cheap somewhere.

  4. Happy Bday! Hope your day was awesome. :)

    I have missed out a lot of books too. OH no! The Mortal Instruments series!! I am planning to read those books too in 2011.


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