Sunday, 16 January 2011

January Bookish Events!

Hello all! Is it Sunday already? I can't believe we're nearly in week three of January already! Well, next week I'm heading to London for a few days to attend various bookish events and wondered who else was going too? I thought it might be nice for some of us to meet up before or after and make our way to the events together - mostly because it's always lovely to see you all but partly because I FAIL at London and cannot negotiate the tube on my own. Trust me, there are a lot of bloggers out there who can vouch for my country bumpkin ways. It's not good.

So next week I'll be at the following events:

Thursday 20th: Entangled book launch
Saturday 22nd: RHCB blogger brunch
Monday 24th: Penguin media presentation 2011

So who's heading to any of these events? Would be lovely to see you all to have a catch up before or after so let me know and hopefully we can sort something out!


  1. i will be at RHCB - I think there will be loads of us there!!

    Had to turn down penguin - I have to work : (

  2. You are so lucky to be going to all of these.
    See you at RHCB next Saturday SQUEEE (no I am not excited at all) SQUEEE

  3. I had to turn down Penguin too because of uni/ essay being due in but I will be at RHCB!!

  4. Grrr..Entangled launch, RHCB and Penguin!! I won't be at any, but I hope you have lots of fun Carly!! x

  5. I will be at all three! Simply because of timing issues, I won't be able to meet up before, but perhaps after on Saturday and Monday! :)

  6. I'm going to be at the ENTANGLED launch. Probably.

    See you there!



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