Saturday, 15 January 2011

My Very Own Bloggiesta Update - 15/1/11

So the first half of my Bloggiesta weekend is almost over and I've worked pretty much non-stop today. I've got a lot of fiddly little jobs done so I'm really pleased with what I've achieved so far. Tomorrow I'll mostly be writing posts and other content. Fingers crossed I'll get everything from my list done!

So today I've managed to do the following:
  • Added RSS subscription into sidebar
  • Added publisher links into sidebar
  • Added a 'connect with me' section in sidebar
  • Linked to reviews on review page
  • Added a list of where my reviews have been featured
  • Added a current giveaway sidebar in sidebar
  • Updated challenge posts
  • Updated all tabs
  • Added a privacy policy
  • Updated my review policy
  • Caught up on all emails
  • Sorted out Twitter lists
  • Added blog address to email signature
  • Backed up my blog
  • Sorted out a budget for books
  • Posted 50 reviews on Amazon
Total hours so far: 12

My goals for tomorrow are:

  • Create international 'Favourite Blogs' sidebar
  • Advertise for buttons/layouts
  • Set goals for the rest of 2011
  • Reorganise bookshelves
  • Sort out Goodreads page
  • Post reviews on Goodreads (goal: 50 on each)
  • Get up to date with reviews (Delirium, Unearthly, 13 to Life, The Mall, The Iron Witch, Choker)
  • Get up to date with mini reviews
  • Write four back up discussion posts
  • Brainstorm new discussion post ideas
  • Brainstorm more interview questions


  1. Well done! I'm sitting here looking/ adding to my to do list and not doing any of it!

  2. Lol! So accomplished!!
    :) I'm just making my list for next week's bloggiesta. I got about 15 things on my list :)


Thank you kindly for the comment, you sweet thing.