Friday, 4 February 2011

Event: RHCB's Paranormal Romance Virtual Panel

Hi all! First I just want to apologise for the lack of reviews I've had up for the last week or so - I've been away in London, then I was struck down with a bit of lurgy (boo!) and THEN, helpfully, my laptop decided to DIE so I've been borrowing my boyfriend's laptop for the last few days. Things should be back to normal though from next week so, phew!

I wanted to talk to you about Random House's Paranormal Romance Virtual Panel that's happening TONIGHT! At 5pm GMT you can chat live with Lauren Kate, Karen Mahoney and Amy Meredith, courtesy of the lovely Jo at Once Upon a Bookcase who's hosting the whole event.

Anyway, click here to visit Jo's awesome blog and find out more about the event - I'll be there so make sure you head over at 5pm today! See you all later :) x

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