Sunday, 20 February 2011

Giveaway: More Bloody Horowitz (signed)!

Hello everybody! I hope you're all okay and have had lovely, relaxing weekends.

So, I'm here today to bring you a very special giveaway for a signed copy of More Bloody Horowitz by the absolutely incomparable Anthony Horowitz. I'm so jealous that I can't enter this myself as I'm a massive, massive Horowitz fan.

Summary (from press release): MORE BLOODY HOROWITZ is a mischievous collection of witty and macabre tales, guaranteed to thrill and disgust in equal measure. As you’d expect from Horowitz, the subject matter completely taps into the zeitgeist.

There’s the ultimate Reality TV show – “Bet Your Life”, and the story of the parents hit by the credit crunch who auction their daughter on “SheBay”. There’s the tale of an MP3 player which drains the life out of its young user (sound like anyone you know?) and the opening story, “The Man Who Killed Darren Shan”, in which Horowitz deftly dispatches fellow bestselling children’s author Shan.

As you may have gathered, horror and humour make devilish bedfellows in this must-have new collection. This is Horowitz at his most wicked.


- This one is a UK only giveaway so I'm sorry to my international readers but I'll you another international giveaway soon, promise!

- The contest will run from today (20/2/11) until next Saturday (26/2/11) and will close at midnight (so, technically Sunday morning, I guess)

- I'll email the winner to notify then so please make sure the email address you leave is correct

- If I don't receive a response from the winner in 72 hours I'll choose another winner

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So that's it! Click here to fill out the form! Good luck :) x

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