Monday, 14 February 2011

News: Foyles in Bristol, work for The Book Depository


So as I'm sure you're either blissfully or painfully aware, today is Valentine's day. A day of celebrating the ones you love etc etc *simper*. Nah, I love Valentine's day. Don't we all? You either get spoiled rotten by your dashing beau or lovely lady and if you're single you get to sit down with a bucket of ice cream, a box of wine and The Notebook. Everyone's a winner, I say. Hooray!

I'm actually writing the post in advance so I have no idea what I'll be doing today - perhaps the boyf will have some romantic plans and I'll be off sunning myself on a surprise holiday. Orrr maybe not. Maybe he'll have completely forgotten and I'll be settling down to The Notebook with my pals Ben and Jerry. Either way, I reckon ice cream will be involved.

Anyway, I'm here with some news!


Foyles are opening in Bristol! Cue massive excited scream from me. About bloody time is all I can say. Hurrah hurrah hooray - I love Foyles so to be able to hop on over to Bristol instead of legging it up to London will be brill. I can't wait!

If you happen to live down in the Westcountry like myself then there are also job opportunities ahoy - exciting, yes? Well, if you're looking for a job and you're close to Bristol then work for Foyles, damn it, it'd be awesome. Click here to find out more and apply (do it!).


See, here at Writing from the Tub I don't just give you reviews and covers with pretty dresses on them. Oh no, I also bring you job opportunities! Not only are Foyles hiring - The Book Depository (bow down) have a few positions open as well. They're looking for a new customer services manager, web developers and a sys admin (I abbreviate because I know my geek vocab).

I have to admit I did tell my manager (who doubles up as my boyfriend - yes, office romance, I am a stereotype) I was handing in my notice the very next day to become the customer services manager of The Book Depository. He laughed. My dream was over. Alas, apparently five months spent answering calls FOR a customer services manager does not qualify you for that position. Well BOO on you, boyfriend.

Anyway, if you're slightly more qualified than myself or can code like a biatch then click here for all the details. Plus, if any of you get the job I get to use your discount...right? Right?!


So that's all the news I have today, folks. Hope some of it tickled your fancy and you're all having a grand Valentine's day!


  1. Don't listen to him! Go for it girl. LOL. He just wants to keep you near, so he can keep an eye on you and smooch during breaks!

  2. Ooooo BD! That would rock!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. A Foyles in Bristol?! That is seriously good news. I think an book shopping excursion to Bristol may be in order very soon...

  4. Haha I join you in that scream of excitement!! When it first got announced on twitter, that's exactly what I did!! Can't wait for it to open!!!! And yes, about bloody damn time too!! ;)


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