Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Revisiting Waiting on Wednesday: You Against Me - Jenny Downham

So I've decided to start up a feature where I look back at my past Waiting on Wednesday posts and catch up on what books I was looking forward to last year and what I thought of them once I did read and review them. Some of my Waiting on Wednesday picks have become firm favourites of mine but, looking back, there are a few that didn't quite live up to the hype.

This week I'm looking at You Against Me by Jenny Downham.

When I posted: October 20th 2010

What I was looking forward to: "I think everybody in the blogging world fell in love with Downham's beautiful writing in Before I Die and I've been promised You Against Me is just as brilliant, if not better."

What I actually thought: "Well, Jenny Downham had quite a job to outdo herself with You Against Me, considering her debut novel, Before I Die, was undoubtedly one of 2007’s biggest successes. I was worried that her second offering wouldn’t quite live up to the brilliance of her first book but I’m pleased to say that she’s done it again."

Did it live up to my expectations?: It really did. I loved You Against Me and any worries I had that it wouldn't live up to Before I Die were gone within the first few pages.

So there you have it! What about you guys? Do you normally end up enjoying your Waiting on Wednesday picks when you get to read them?


  1. I really need to read this one already! Great idea and fantastic post! :)


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