Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Guest Post: Jason Ancona - Debugging Tori Redding

Hello all! Today I've got the lovely Jason Ancona here to talk about his writing process, as part of the blog tour for Debugging Tori Redding. The next stop on the tour is with Stephany over at Read-A-Holic so do check that out tomorrow if you have a moment.

So, without further ado I'll hand over to Jason...

'After I decide on which idea I want to write, I'll start fleshing out the characters, trying to figure out who they are and what they want. I'll also explore themes and character arcs, unless it's an action/adventure/mystery story like Covert Youth Agency. For that, I worked on creating a puzzle, breaking it apart, and piecing it back together.

The next step I take is to list major beats and possible plotlines. I allow myself a lot of wiggle room, writing down everything I can think of, knowing that a good chunk will get weeded out. Once I have the bones of the story--the frame to fill the guts with--I'll start outlining. After several weeks of revising the outline, I'll actually start writing.

Oftentimes the story takes a new direction, which I'll allow to play out, even if it derails the structure I set up. Some writers are adamant about sticking to the outline, and for good reason. If you drift off too far, you may have a hard time weaving in various plotlines so that they come together at the end. And in a way that doesn't seem forced.

After I finish my first draft, which I continually rewrite as I go along, I'll do a hardcore second draft, trying to improve grammar and prose. Then I'll give it to a fellow writer to edit. Once I get their notes, I'll go back and do a third draft for a final polish.

During the writing process, I feed my caffeine addiction with low sugar energy drinks. And reward myself with chunks of dark chocolate--a very important part.'

Thanks for stopping by, Jason!

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