Saturday, 23 April 2011

News: Die For Me 2 and American Gods coming to HBO!

So there is such a buzz on the blogs about Die for Me by Amy Plum, the first installment in the Revenants series. I'm really excited to get started on my copy as the reviews have been brilliant so fingers crossed I'll love it too!

Amy Plum has recently released some details about the second book in the series and it's going to be titled... Until I Die! I love it! Amy wrote a really interesting post about the process of coming up with the title so do click here to have a read.

Any Neil Gaiman fans reading this? Yes, thought so - there are TONNES of us, after all! Well, exciting news... HBO have announced they'll be adapting Neil Gaiman's American Gods for the silver screen. Robert Richardson has signed on as co-writer (along with Gaiman himself) and Tom Hanks will be overseeing the project. Exciting stuff! Can't wait to find out more!

So what do you think about the title of the second novel in the Revenants series? And who's excited about American Gods coming to HBO? ME!

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  1. I love the title of the DIE FOR ME sequel, really fits:)


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