Thursday, 28 April 2011

Review: The Treasure Map of Boys - E. Lockhart

Published: July 27th 2010, Delacorte Press
Pages: 241 pages, paperback
Series?: Yes, this is book three. Book four (Real Live Boyfriends) is out now
Acquired: Purchased myself

Summary (from Goodreads): Ruby is back at Tate Prep, and it’s her thirty-seventh week in the state of Noboyfriend. Her panic attacks are bad, her love life is even worse, and what’s more:

· Noel is writing her notes,
· Jackson is giving her frogs,
· Gideon is helping her cook,
· and Finn is making her brownies.
· Rumors are flying, and Ruby’s already sucky reputation is heading downhill.

Not only that, she’s also:

· running a bake sale,
· learning the secrets of heavy metal therapy,
· encountering some seriously smelly feet,
· defending the rights of pygmy goats,
· and bodyguarding Noel from unwanted advances.

Ruby struggles to secure some sort of mental health, to understand what constitutes a real friendship, and—if such a thing exists—to find true love.

My review: Yay for Ruby Oliver! I am such a massive fan of this series. E. Lockhart is a genius when it comes to contemporary YA and I've just finished ordering the rest of her backlist to complete my collection. I've fallen in love with every one of her novels that I've read so far and The Treasure Map of Boys is absolutely no exception. This is another fantastic installment in the Ruby Oliver series.

Ah, Ruby. She's pretty close to the top of my list of my favourite YA characters of all time. I love this girl - I want to be her friend, damn it. Lockhart brings her to life through so many little details that come together to make Ruby whole. I love the lists that she writes throughout the novel and her voice is perfect - completely realistic for a teenage but still managing to be unique.

I've written quite a lot lately about how frustrated I get with writers who go out of their way to make their characters 'quirky' and 'edgy' (and fail, more often than not) - to any writers who are looking to create one of a kind characters who are still likable, take a lesson from E. Lockhart. Ruby and co are just brilliant, definitely my favourite ensemble cast in any YA series. Noel - don't even get me started. All I have to say is that if Ruby doesn't end up with him at the end of the series I'm going to throw things.

The book, as with all of the series, is just a joy to read. I got through this one in a single sitting but wished it had gone on a little longer - it's not that the story wasn't great, because I think Lockhart ended the book at just the right time, I just didn't want to have to wait until Real Live Boyfriends gets delivered!

I geuinely have nothing bad to say about The Treasure Map of Boys. If you enjoyed The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book then you already know you'll love it. Each book in the series is better than the last so give The Treasure Map of Boys a look, I absolutely guarantee you will fall in love!

First line: 'The first day back from winter break, junior year, I walked into Chem to find a head of red cabbage on every lab table.'

Read if you liked…: The Boy Book - E. Lockhart, The Boyfriend List - E. Lockhart

Plot: 4/5
Writing: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Cover: 4/5
Total: 18/20 (A)


  1. I have been meaning to read this one for the longest time, I got the book and everything but I just haven't squeezed it into my list.

    I do agree that Ruby is one awesome YA character.

  2. I just got my hands on this one as well and loved it. Time to go get Book #4!


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