Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Blog Tour: Passion - Lauren Kate

So today I've got a brilliant guest post from Lauren Kate, who you'll all know as the author behind the Fallen series. Lauren's been hopping from blog to blog in the last couple of weeks for a blog tour to promote her latest release, Passion, and I'm lucky enough to be hosting the last spot on the tour!

I asked Lauren to tell me a little bit about how she tackles writing endings - as we all know she loves a cliffhanger! Check out her response below:

Endings are impossible. With every book, they terrify me. I think that might be why I love writing series so much: you can procrastinate and procrastinate, offering cliffhangers in place of a proper ending. I was probably no further along in the series than midway through Torment when I began to worry about the ending the Rapture.

I am loathe to sum things up. I want to offer just the minimal amount of closure to give each book a sense of being its own entity--but mostly, I want to open the door for more possibilities to come. In terms of the plot, this tendency usually steers me toward that ol’ cliffhanger--which readers, you know you love to hate! But, more importantly, in terms of the overall experience of the narrative, I think an open ended ending is much more empowering to everyone concerned--to Luce, to me, to every kind of reader. We all need to be able to hold onto our own mystery in the series, and what that means will vary from person to person.

Epilogues are great, I think, because they propose a gap of time and space that leaves as much as we want to the imagination but also gives us a hint more closure to the overall series. I think Harry Potter and The Hunger Games both had excellent epilogues. I preferred both epilogues to the books’ “actual” endings.

My very favorite novel ending is the last page of The Great Gatsby. I love it for its beauty and its poise. Those final lines, “so we beat on...” are always running through my mind. It’s an ending encapsulates everything that feels important about the book without pinning down “what’s going to happen” to any of that characters afterwards. I love that.

I just finished writing the first draft of Rapture, and the ending is still nagging at me. It wants more completing one moment, much less the next. It’s a work in progress that I’m sure I’ll go back to a dozen times to get just right. Maybe it’s because, as I said above, endings are impossible.

And maybe it’s because I’m not ready to think about the series being over just yet.


I definitely agree with Lauren when it comes to epilogues - I'm a huge fan of them! Fingers crossed we have one at the end of Rapture! What do you think about endings? What are some of your favourites?


  1. She has an interesting perspective on endings. As far as when I'm writing, I love to write endings. The ending of a book can change my entire opinion about the book in general, so when I write them, I make them epic and final, whether they're open ended or not. When it comes to reading, and I run into a cliffhanger... I kind of freak out!

    Any book with the perfect ending is usually one of my favorites.

  2. I love an epilogue! My favorite endings are those in the Harry Potter series, Return of the King, and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (Grace Lin).

  3. ok so I was just looking at your past reviews (love your reviews of Fallen series) and I noticed you have NOT READ HUSH, HUSH by Becca fitzpatrick :O you have to read it, along with Evermore by Alyson Noel I believe.....

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