Monday, 11 July 2011

Blog Tour: Alyson Noel - Everlasting

Hello everybody! I'm here today as part of the blog tour for Alyson Noel's final book in The Immortals series, Everlasting.

Flowers have a significant role in The Immortals series by Alyson Noёl and this feature investigates this ‘language of flowers’:

‘A flower is not a flower alone; a thousand thoughts invest it’.

All over the world, flowers are an integral part of human culture, whether it is the perfect table centre for a wedding, a beautiful bouquet for a birthday, a message of thanks, or to pay one’s respect at a funeral.

And while everyone knows that red roses signify love, few may realise that an entire language of flowers exists, with every bloom, foliage and plant having a particular emotion attached – whether it is hazel for reconciliation, wisteria for welcome or ivy for fidelity.

The unique language was created by the romantic early Victorians who carefully planned every bouquet and posy so as to deliver a desired message.


Two flowers that feature in EVERMORE are tulips (a declaration of love) and white roses (a heart unacquainted with love)

In the eighteen hundreds, people often communicated their intentions through the flowers they sent, as specific flowers held specific meanings. Here are a few more traditional ones:

I scroll down the alphabetical list, my eyes scanning for tulips and holding my breath as I read:

Red tulips – Undying love.

Then just for fun, I look up white rosebuds and laugh out loud when I read:

White rosebuds – The heart that knows no love; heart ignorant of love.

Extract from EVERMORE

In EVERLASTING the key flower is the lotus flower

“So, according to this, the lotus flower grows out of the mud, struggling through the muck to make its way toward the light. And, once it reaches that light, it blossoms and grows into something extraordinary, something very, very beautiful”

“It’s a symbol for awakening,”…. Awakening to the spiritual side of life.”

“But it also represents life in general,”….“You know, overcoming the hardships and struggles life brings in order to blossom into your true self—the beautiful being you were destined to be”

Extract from EVERLASTING

Flowers are another way that Damen communicates with Ever in The Immortals series and tulips, white roses and the lotus flower with their specific meanings add an extra layer of unspoken language and symbolism.

For more information on Alyson Noёl and The Immortals series check out and to investigate THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS further check out


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