Sunday, 17 July 2011

Event Report: Indigo Launch Party!

These days publisher events are getting more and more like buses (and boys) – you wait for one to come along and the invites start pouring in! Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration and I’m certainly not complaining, but still.

Last Tuesday I attended the launch of Orion’s new YA imprint, Indigo. I’d already seen a list of the books on the Indigo list and knew they were going to be great but there were a few that I hadn’t heard much about – luckily the very lovely ladies at Orion filled us in on the details.

It’s clear that everybody involved in Indigo is extremely passionate and that’s so infectious. By the end of the event I was desperate to read every title on the list. I’m not even joking.

So, after a quick catch up and natter with some of my favourite bloggers we had a sneak preview of the books that Indigo have coming out between the launch in September and spring 2012. To whet your appetites, here are a few I’m most excited about:

Soul Beach – Kate Harrison
‘A social media thriller’

NB: Kate Harrison is very lovely, was wearing a beautiful dress and has actually read this very blog! Exciting!

Dark Parties – Sara Grant
‘A dystopian thriller with beautiful cover art from a debut novelist.’

Midwinterblood – Marcus Sedgwick
‘An epic tale of love and sacrifice’

NB: (I wrote this on the train on the way back from the event) This looks amazing. Seriously, amazing. Plus, Marcus Sedgwick is now joint with Barry Cunningham as YA’s chief rockstar.

(Now I’ve read the book) Wow. I was absolutely blown away by Midwinterblood. Honestly, I finished it at midnight last night and instantly wanted to read it again. It’s completely and utterly stunning.

My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece – Annabel Pitcher
The paperback release with a new cover (pictured is the hardback cover), which I’ve been promised is amaaazing (yes, the triple ‘a’ was necessary).

The Double Shadow – Sally Gardner
We were told this treat is like reading film noir, which can never be a bad thing.

Sally described this as the most controversial and difficult book she’s ever written. She then proceeded to read from it so beautifully that I’m dying to get started on it.

Spring 2012 will kick off with the release of Alan Gibbons’ An Act of Love in paperback – do not miss out on this one, it’s an absolute gem.

Aside from An Act of Love, we also have the following to look forward to:

The Hunting Ground – Cliff McNish
Billed as one to read with the lights on it’s safe to say I’m really looking forward to this one. A true horror novel, I have to admit even the cover creeps me out a little. I sound like a broken record, I know, but we need more YA horror so I’m excited to see what McNish has to offer.

The Double Edged Sword – Sarah Silverwood
Described by the lovely Amanda at Floor to Ceiling Books as ‘Neverwhere meets Harry Potter’ – sounds good to me!

Hollow Pike – James Dawson
James is a debut author, the cover art is stunning and Viv did a little squeal when we saw it. That just about covers it methinks.

Phew! I’m exhausted just reading through the list!

If that wasn’t exciting enough we then got treated to some readings by four of the authors on the Indigo list: Marcus Sedgwick, Sara Grant, Kate Harrison and Sally Gardner.

After cake and champagne and swooning after authors who were clearly far too talented to be in our presence we were allowed to take away a copy of some of the books I mentioned earlier. Of course, I showed absolutely no self-restraint at all and came away with a stack. A wonderful stack that I’m already part way through devouring!

Any of you folks who are signed up to UK Book Tours (and if you’re not, head over here to sign up) should say a big fat thank you to lovely, lovely Nina (who was wearing a gorgeous necklace), who kindly let me take away a few books to go out on tour. So, any Marcus Sedgwick, Kate Harrison, Sara Grant or Harlan Coben fans – keep an eye out as the tours will be up soon!

So that was the Indigo launch party. It was a gorgeous evening, the Indigo girls were fantastic hosts and I came away with some top notch books. Can’t beat it.


  1. omg i read Soul Beach and it's FAB. and Dark Parties, I just can't wait ... have you seen the American cover? Stunning. The Divine Mr M talked about the background to Midwinterblood at a conference I went to last year and sounds like it's gonna be a signature Sedgwick ... thanks for posting those covers - especially like the cover for An Act of Love - nice design, Indigo. Congrats to indigo and welcome to the world!

  2. I love the sound of all of these books. Really looking forward to the rise of the Indigo imprint.

  3. It was such a fab event wasn't it Carly! I'm so excited about all of the books, I can't wait to start reading them :o)

  4. The hunting ground and hollow Pike look amazing! They have to be the top two for me! I cant wait!
    ps love your layout! when did that change?!


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