Sunday, 18 September 2011

Big Blog Story: Chapter Six

Hello everybody! I'm really excited about today's post as it's my turn to post up the next chapter of the Big Blog Story, run by the Bath Festival of Children's Literature. A different author or blogger is writing a chapter every couple of days to follow on with the story - if you haven't had a chance to read the first five chapters then have a read at the following links:

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And now, without further ado, here is my chapter!


Mr Catch clapped a huge hand onto Scribble's shoulder and guided him away from Moby Doris' house. "Don't worry, Scribble, we'll get the moon back before you know it."

Scribble looked up at the empty sky and sighed. It was getting darker by the minute, he could hear the moon creaking deeper and deeper into the sea and knew before long it would be too late. They had to find out what was in the chest.

"This way." Mr Catch led Scribble back to the hillside where Scribble had first seen the moon tumble from the sky. They sat down side by side, legs swinging over the edge of the cliff and peered into the sea. Scribble could see the large bulk of the moon shimmering from underneath the surface, seaweed and shoals of fish dancing past her.

Next to him Mr Catch pulled the shining silver key out of his pocket and pressed it into the rusty lock of the chest. It made a low clunking sound as the lock sprang open. Scribble clapped his hands together, leaped to his feet and jumped from one foot to another in excitement. What was hidden inside the chest? Was it going to help them save the moon?

Mr Catch laughed. "Stop dancing, Scribble, we don't want you to end up in the sea as well, do we?"

Scribble sat back down and shook his head. He definitely did not want to end up in the sea. He liked to sit on the edge of the cliff and watch the waves and dolphins but he certainly wasn't a fan of swimming. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy swimming but he didn't like getting wet. Unfortunately for Scribble the two always seemed to go hand in hand.

“Well now I’m more puzzled than a shark in a paddling pool.” Mr Catch pursed his lips as he took in the contents of the chest. Scribble saw the confusion flash across his weathered features and took a look for himself.

Now it was Scribble's turn to look confused. Inside the chest lay a tangled rope, coiled up like a sleeping snake. Nestled next to it was a bright orange piece of coral, a single pearl and a folded piece of paper. Scribble grabbed the paper and opened it up. It was covered in a series of letters and symbols that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It was all squiggles and dots and whirls and spots. Scribble had never seen anything like it in his life and he had read a lot of books. More than anybody else in his class, actually.

What does it mean? Scribble held his pad up to Mr Catch, who scratched his head and looked out across the sea.

"I don't know, Scribble." As Mr Catch spoke Scribble noticed a figure swim up to the surface for a second, then disappear back into the inky water with a flick of her turquoise tail. That was strange. He could have sworn she looked right at them. "I don't know. But I think I know someone who does."


So there you have it. What do you guys think? I really hope you all enjoyed it. I've absolutely loved taking part in the story so I'd like to say a huge thanks for the Bath Festival team for inviting me to take part - it's been a blast. Make sure you hop over to the lovely Lauren Kate's blog on Tuesday, when her chapter will be posted.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend lovelies!


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