Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pictures of the 'Hot Guy' poll. That is all.

Happy afternoon everybody. Basically, I had a shit day today so I thought pictures of pretty boys might cheer me up. Guess what? It has, no end.

This idea came about when I decided I need to make my male lead a bit sexier, a bit more... 'UP AGAINST THE WALL' style, you know? So I made a list of fictional characters who I reckon are pretty darn sexy so I could watch their respective sexiness and try to ascertain exactly what it is that makes them so attractive. Then I figured I'd get a second opinion and ask around on Twitter to see what you guys think. The results are below.

But before that I need to have a rant about my crappy day. Feel free to skip this, it won't be very interesting. Also, work pals, if you're reading this you're not the person who pissed me off.

Firstly, I said good morning to a co-worker (because it was a nice morning...and also because I'm not an absolute douche bag), who then proceeded to look right at me for a couple of seconds, then scuttle off and let a door slam in my face rather than say good morning to me. WTF? The door actually slammed in my face. I was quite tempted to grab him by the scruff of the neck and demand he return my greeting but we all know I'm a massive pushover so I just made my crumpets and bitched on Twitter.

Secondly, I got shouted at (REALLY shouted at) by a customer because I failed to refer to him as 'Sir' at all times. I wish I was joking. Go and fuck yourself. Sir.

Anyway, before this gets too long and off topic, Googling pictures of a semi-naked Rob Lowe has made me feel a lot happier.

Your choices:

Caleb Rivers - Pretty Little Liars (Taylor Blackburn) and Tim Riggins - Friday Night Lights (Taylor Kitsch) - SO SIMILAR LOOKING!

Maverick Mitchell (Tom Cruise) and Tom Kazansky (Val Kilmer) - Top Gun

Nathan Wuornos - Haven (Lucas Bryant)

Castiel and Dean Winchester - Supernatural (Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles)

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) and Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) - True Blood

Fox Mulder - The X-Files (David Duchovny)

Dylan McKay - Beverly Hills 90210 (Luke Perry)

Gerry Kennedy - P.S. I Love You (Gerard Butler)

Dan Humphrey - Gossip Girl (Penn Badgley)

Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder)

Jayne Cobb - Firefly (Adam Baldwin)

Matt Saracen - Friday Night Lights (Zach Gilford)

And my choices (+ Damon Salvatore and Caleb Rivers, fo sho):

Seth Cohen - The OC (Adam Brody)

Skip Burroughs - Class (Rob Lowe)

Freddie Mclair - Skins (Luke Pasqualino)

Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl (Ed Westwick)

Dean Youngblood - Youngblood (Rob Lowe - LOOK AT HIS PERFECT, PERFECT FACE)

Yes, I have a type. I'm very much about dark hair and good cheekbones. Basically, I'm just all about Rob Lowe.

So that was a fun social media poll that absolutely brightened up my otherwise crappy day. Thank you for playing everybody. I am off to watch 80s movies and Vampire Diaries for...research. That's what it is.

What I want to know is: Do you think anyone's missing? If so, let me know!


  1. How could I have forgotten Damon Salvatore!?! Bringing sexy back to vampires since Robert Pattinson all but destroyed it. XD

  2. I saw that photo of Skip Burroughs and thought 'phew H.O.T.' and then (not knowing who this dude was) saw it was Rob Lowe! You have converted me.

  3. I love how Castiel and Dean ended up on there, and Chuck is brilliant XD

  4. Awesome post. I especially like the "go fuck yourself, sir." but and the fact that my choice made it into the post (Alcide...mmmmmm)

  5. Yum... Damon, Jayne, Freddie, Seth, Chuck... totally in agreement with those!

  6. Lol! Love this post - gotta love those 'up against the wall' guys ;)

    Googling images of the pretty makes me feel better too.

    Im not ashamed to admit that Damon Salvatore and Dean Winchester feature regularly in those searches.

    But you forgot Gaspard Ulliel!

  7. This post made me very happy. Sorry you had such a shit day.

  8. I am with you on the cheekbones & dark hair. Wonders why I married someone with no cheekbones & blond hair *sigh*

  9. Mulder. Watching you run around without a top on in X-files made being scared witless worthwhile. The frightening thing with that though is my mum had his picture up on the kitchen wall about 15 year ago.

  10. Gerry Kennedy - P.S. I Love You (Gerard Butler)


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