Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rantastic: An open letter to anybody thinking of writing, publishing or representing a YA zombie novel

Basically, I have to get this off my chest

This is a zombie:

Writers, editors, publishers, WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE - please stop trying to make us think of zombies like this:

And, I swear down, if you take zombies in this direction:

You will do this to me and every other horror fan in the world:



  1. Hahaha. Casey gave me a book (Dearly Departed) that seems like that... confusing.

  2. I get taking monsters away from a stereotype, but zombies are definitely not shiny 'sexy' (I quote since I don't like R.Patt) men, they are brain eating people!

  3. I completely agree with you! BUT Dearly Departed IS awesome. But that is the exception. All the other ones...No. Just no.

  4. Have you read Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion? Probably the only exception to the 'Zombie romance DOESN'T WORK!' argument. Not YA, though, so I can still agree wholeheartedly with your rant :D

  5. I haven't actually read Warm Bodies yet but it's one I really want to try as I've heard it puts a bit of a new spin on things.
    I am still trying all the zombie novels I get sent as I do love zombies...but generally only when they're shuffling, brain-eating monsters. Although, I have read a couple like 'I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It', which I loved because it's so tongue in cheek. For me, that's what works best, I just can't take a zombie romance seriously.x

  6. I totally agree. When I think zombies I think, "double tap."

  7. Hahahaha LOVE THIS. I too want to read Warm Bodies at some point but yes I'm scared of zombie novels as I just can't see how a zombie guy can be hot...


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