Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wanted: Beta Readers!

So as some of you probably know I finished writing my second novel over the summer. Go me.

The first novel I finished (The Seven Gates of Hell) is gathering dust under the bed, a la Dave Cousins but I will get it sorted one day, I'm sure. At this stage I just don't think I have the skills to do it justice. It's a YA horror and I'm really proud of it but it's definitely not ready to see the light of day yet.

But my second (Reckless) is coming along nicely and I'm in the process of getting it ready to pitch to agents. I'm terrified. It has a fair way to go but I'm cracking down on it now and it gets a little better every day.

Anyway, the reason for this blog post is to ask you for your help! I really need some beta readers to have a look at it and give me some feedback. I should say here that I don't know how other writers do the whole beta reader thing so I'm just making it up, to be frank. I have a few close friends and writer pals from uni that I'm going to ask to take a look but if any of you are interested I'd really appreciate your help.

For now I'll probably send a couple of extracts through, with a total word count of between 2000-5000 words, so nothing huge. It won't be massively time consuming but if things work out I may ask if I can send you longer pieces in the future.

So, yes, that's the deal. I'm looking for beta readers! Reckless is a contemporary YA standalone novel about two English girls spending a summer working as camp counsellors in an American summer camp. That's pretty much the gist.

If you think this might be something you'd like to do please sign up here and I'll get in touch if I think we might be a good match for each other. Obviously if any of you are writers I'm more than happy to return the favour - writing buddies ftw.

If you are going to sign up please have a read of the below first, it's where I get tough:

- I really do need some proper feedback so please, please only sign up if you're actually going to have the time for this. Like I said, I'm not sending massive extracts but I know feedback does take time and effort. Pleeeease don't sign up and then eventually reply telling me everything looks fine. Likewise, if you want to slate it go right on ahead but please be constructive - if something is shit please tell me why and what I can do to make it better.

- If you're already my friend I know this won't bother you but still - there is swearing and sex and drinking and all manner of debauchery in this one so if you're likely to be offended by any of that tasty goodness you probably won't be impressed.

- This should go without saying but by signing up I will need you to pinky swear that what I send you goes no further, okay? I mean it. If you share or steal my shit you will be immediately entered into a world of pain. And I will find out. Don't test me.

I'm not really a raging bitch, I've just never done this before so it's a bit scary.

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  1. Good luck to you. Again, I love seeing more about your writing on the blog :) I wish I could help you out, especially as your book is set at summer camp. I LIVED at summer camp during the month of July when I was little. Do they even do summer camps here in the UK?


Thank you kindly for the comment, you sweet thing.