Friday, 4 November 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011: Characters

The main struggle I've had so far with my NaNo novel is getting to grips with the narrative voice. I'm writing in first person past and I'm seriously thinking about changing it to first person present, though I barely ever write in the present tense. There's something not quite right at the moment and I think a change in tense might help. I also think it'll bring a sense of immediacy to the story that could work quite nicely. I may try it later and see how the scene works out.

As I went into NaNo so unprepared I haven't had any time to sit back and work on my plot or characters or, well, anything really. My two main characters don't even have concrete names yet and I've found it really hard to bond with them so far. I spent so long fitting the characters from Reckless into different short stories and half written novels that, when I start writing Reckless, I knew them so well I never had to think about what they would say or do in any situation, I just knew. Working with a whole set of brand new characters has been quite tough and when I get a bit of spare time I really want to work on getting to know them a little better.

(The main reason I didn't get much writing done this week... Curse you, two for one cocktails)

This is the first time since Tuesday that I've even switched my laptop on so I'm looking forward to trying to get a chapter or so written tonight, before yet another busy couple of days. Roll on next weekend when I'll actually have a bit of time to write!

How are you all doing? What are your word counts looking like? What have you found particularly easy/challenging so far? Let me know!

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