Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011: Day One

So, day one is done and dusted! How did we all do? How do you feel? Exhausted? Exhilirated?

I feel in a bit of a daze. My brain today has mostly just been 'novel novel novel' and not much else. I even went for a run for the THIRD day on the trot to clear my head and try and get some plot points ironed out. My mind is blown.

Basically, I have my plot. And I love it. I am utterly obsessed with it. At this stage I pretty much think it's the best plot anybody EVER has ever come up with. Yeah, remind me of that in a couple of weeks when I'm slinging my laptop across the room and punching things.

I made it to 4000 words today. This pleases me greatly. But then again I need to get ahead while I can because, typically, November is a reallllly busy month for me so most of my evenings and weekends are already busy - annoying! Although, not annoying because they mostly involve hanging out with my uni chums and family and blogger pals and best friends so it's all good.

Also, big shout out to Lynsey from Narratively Speaking for being generally awesome and blatantly the best writing buddy ever. And understanding the constant need for sexytimes. THERE WILL BE MANY.

Anyway, I think NaNo is already sending me a bit mental but it's making me very happy indeed.

Oh, but pretty much all of what I wrote today is utter turd but I think I just needed to write myself into it. I even went back and edited one section - thank you Viv for trying to stop me but it was futile. But from now on there will be NO MORE EDITING.

I'm just reaching my stride now and things aren't sounding so crap so thank God for that. I'm planning on spending tomorrow afternoon in Bath doing lots of writing by hand, of all things. I did want to take my laptop with me but as I'm going straight out tomorrow evening for 'quiet' cocktails and tapas I thought it probably wouldn't end well. I'm also going to go and buy a bra and maybe some rings but that's not relevant at all. First I will write my words.

I'm also really enjoying slipping in as many Lost references as possible into this novel. Bonus points for my pals I send it out to if you get them. You will. They're not massively subtle.

4 8 15 16 23 42.

Anyway, I'm definitely going to go now and try and squeeze out another 2000 words.

So I will leave you with this song, which has become the official theme song for my novel:

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Lyrics of the day:

"Have you ever thought just maybe, you belong with me?"


Good luck WriMos, God speed!


  1. Way to go on such a great word count. I am not quite there I am just about 2000. I love that Taylor Swift song, perfect. Good luck and happy writing. x

  2. I love evil Taylor's red dress in that video.

    Yay for massive word counts! I wish I had the time to do NaNo... I'll just have to cheer you on from the sidelines instead! x

  3. Congrats! your word count is so impressive it puts mine to shame, lol. I might have to do another hour of writing before bed...

  4. Good luck Carly! I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines :o)

  5. that's a great day 1 word count. I'm at 1900, so I'm pretty happy with that. Good luck with your writing.

  6. I tried so hard! LOL - well done on your word count. You are all thrashing me. I hope to get quite a bit done today, but we will see.


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