Sunday, 6 November 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011: Soundtrack (Need You Now - Lady Antebellum)

So I'm here today with another song that's been inspiring me while writing my NaNo novel: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum.

Okay, so I have to just start off by saying that I'm seriously impressed at how emotional and romantic Lady Antebellum manage to make this song, when at the end of the day it's actually just about drunk dialling someone for a booty call. Really, it is, though. None of my drunk dials have ever been quite so eloquent so props to them for that.

Anyway, this song fits in perfect with Under the Influence, as there's a lot of yearning and a lot of pining and a lot of drunk texting. I did want to tell the story from the point of view of both my female and male lead, which is what first made me bang this song on my playlist. Then I realised a dual narrative wouldn't work and I dropped the male voice. Still, the song certainly sums up some of what goes on in the story so yay for that.

I haven't quite reached the point in the story yet where the inspiration from this song comes into play but I was doing a bit of plotting earlier and outlined those scenes. I'm excited about writing them - I do love a bit of drunken emo regret about the past.

Another thing, I just really like Lady Antebellum. I think they're fab. They're not reallllly the sort of music I listen to a lot but, yeah, I love them.

Inspiring lyrics: And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time


  1. Your soundtrack posts are fab - thank you so much for them! I keep adding to my playlists...

  2. Gawd, I love Lady Antebellum too. Great song.

  3. Hi Carly,
    I love this song!
    Also, I'm trying to get in touch with you! Can you email me when you get a chance? Thanks!

  4. Lol. I love the comment about the drunk dials being so eloquent. I don't think mine could ever be that way either. :)

    Good luck with NaNo!

  5. Hi Kristen, Just emailed you :).x

  6. Thanks Carly! Emailed you back, let me know if you don't get it. Thanks!! Sorry to clog up your comments! And congrats on rocking NaNo!

  7. I loooooove this song! And I just love Lady Antebellum in general! Good luck with NaNo!


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