Thursday, 29 December 2011

Books I'm Most Looking Forward to in 2012 (Non-Debut)

Good morning chaps! Yesterday I posted up a list of the 2012 debut novels I'm most excited to read and today I'm back with a list of the non-debut novels I can't wait for in 2012.

There are a ridiculous amount of amazing books coming out next year; I genuinely think 2012 is going to be the best year for books since I started blogging many moons ago. Well, only two years ago but still.

Adorkable - Sarra Manning

I freaking love Sarra Manning and Adorkable sounds absolutely up my street; it's probably the non-debut I'm most excited about in 2012!

A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger

Miss Keplinger is quickly becoming one of the brightest stars in YA contemporary so I'm counting down the days until her next book is released.

Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson

I love the sound of Second Chance Summer, it sounds like a really sweet coming of age story with (obviously) a nice little love story at the centre. I haven't read any of Matson's work yet but I have Amy and Roger's Epic Detour on my shelves ready to read in 2012.

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare - Melissa Jensen

Another contemporary that sounds like it's going to put a huge smile on my face. The cover is sweet and I love the premise. Sure, it's one that's been done a few (okay, a load) of times but it's a tried and tested formula that I can't resist.

This Is Not a Test - Courtney Summers

Good lord, I'm excited about this book! I'm a massive Courtney Summers fans as it is and I really do think This Is Not a Test sounds like it could be my new favourite of hers. I have such high hopes for it and I have no doubt it's going to absolutely deliver.

This Is So Not Happening - Kieran Scott

I'm a big fan of this series so I can't wait for the third book to come out next year. I don't often commit to series but I just can't resist Scott's hilarious writing. Can we please have a TV adaptation soon? That would be swell.

The List - Siobhan Vivian

Yesss, I need this book in my life! It reminds me a little of The Market, which was one of my favourite reads of 2010.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

*Whispers* I've never read any John Green. I know I need to rectify this.

Two Truths and a Lie - Sara Shepard

I adore The Lying Game; I love the series, I love the TV show - I actually prefer The Lying Game to Pretty Little Liars. Does anyone else agree with me on this one? Either way, I already have book three in the series pre-ordered, woop!


So that's a few of the books I'm really excited about in 2012. Of course, there are so many more books I can't wait for - back in my Twelve Days of Christmas feature I also listed the sequels I can't wait for in 2012 (Fever, Insurgent, Pandemonium etc - SO many). Which books are you guys most excited about?


  1. :O... You haven't read any John Green?! You need to experience his awesomeness asap and I'm really looking forward to TFiOS too :) This Is Not a Test sounds amazing!

  2. I haven't read ANY John Green either... you are not alone!

    You do need to stop with these posts already though. My wishlist can't handle it. x

  3. I've never read anything from John Green, so I guess it's not impossible. Maybe one day I'll read Looking for Alaska; it sounds promising.

  4. Again my purse is weeping, but tbh some of these are on my wishlist already! Yay!

    I haven't read either Pretty Little Liars or the Lying Game... I prefer the sound of the Lying Game but can't work out if I need to read Pretty Little Liars before it?

  5. I've already pre-ordered Second Chance Summer, Adorkable and TFiOS I'm so looking forward to them!

  6. You've got me adding to my wishlist... Thanks for this, Carly!

  7. OMG Kody Keplinger has another book coming out? How did I not know this? YAY!

    I'm also very excited for TFIOS and THE LIST. Excellent picks!

  8. My bank account is now frowning at you *seriously frowning*.

    I've only read 1 John Green myself and he's very worthwhile reading. I haven't heard of most of the others but they all look fab.


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