Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Twelve Day of Christmas: 3 biggest blogging achievements of 2011

Good morning everybody! I'm here today with a list of my three biggest blogging achievements of 2011, as day ten of my Twelve Days of Christmas feature. As always, feel free to join in - just let me know so I can give you a shout out!

1. Being invited to so many amazing events - the fact that publishers I've looked up to for years actually know about my blog is completely inspiring in itself but the fact they actually take the time to put on events for us bloggers (and invite little ole' me!) still completely blows my mind. I've been to so many brilliant events this year and caught up with my very best blogging buds pretty much every month throughout 2011, which I'm so, so grateful for

2. Breaking 700 followers and seeing my stats improve month on month - Now, I know that followers aren't important etc etc but I still get a massive thrill every time I see that somebody new has started following me. I do so appreciate every single person who reads my blog or comments or follows me on Twitter. I've experimented this year with different types of content to try and deliver what people want so I'm really chuffed to see my stats improving every month.

3. Meeting Meg Rosoff and her telling me she's actually heard of Writing from the Tub! Um, AMAZING!


So tell me, what were you biggest blogging achievements of the year?


  1. Congrats on your achievements! You have so many followers! (Myself included, haha) And that's so cool that you're getting invited to events by publishers! You deserve it!


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