Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas: 10 Writers I was Most Excited to Meet in 2011

So today marks day three in my Twelve Days of Christmas feature and today's stop is a lot of the writers I was most star-struck to meet in 2011. I had a really wonderful year for attending events and meeting writers and it's definitely one of my favourite things about blogging. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the amazing publishing houses who have invited me to events this year - I'm so, so grateful and I still get a huge buzz any time I'm invited anywhere.

As well all know, writers are our rock stars so here is a (very non-exhaustive) list of some of the writers I was most excited to meet in 2011.

1. Phil Earle (Being Billy)

2. Sarra Manning (Diary of a Crush and so many other books that never fail to remind me why art boys are the best kind)

3. Lindsey Barraclough (Long Lankin)

4. Sophia Bennett (the Threads series)

5. Meg Rosoff (How I Live Now, There is No Dog and lots of other books that have made me cry)

6. David Almond (Skellig, The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean and approximately one million other beautiful books)

7. Melvin Burgess (Junk, Sara's Face and a tonne of other books that never fail to inspire me)

8. Alyxandra Harvey (The Drake Chronicles and Haunting Violet)

9. Dave Cousins (15 Days Without a Head)

10. Marcus Sedgwick (Midwinterblood, White Crow, Revolver... I could go on for a while)

Which writers did you get to meet in 2011? Are there any writers in particular you want to meet in 2012?


  1. It really has been a fabulous year for events hasn't it. One of the best things about blogging has to be all the wonderful blogging friends I've made along with the amazing events we've been able to attend and the fabulous authors we've met.

    Without a doubt the authors I was most excited about meeting this year were Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione. They both write adult paranormal romance and I adore their series (I even have a tattoo for Lara's Midnight Breed books that's how much I love them!). I never thought I'd have the chance to meet either of them so it was amazing to get to spend time with them both at AAD :o)

    I've also met some fantastic British authors this year though & I always get a bit tongue tied & star struck meeting them all lol

  2. That is a a very impressive list of writers and an exciting array of books. Lucky you!

  3. I'm so jealous! I wish I could've meet some of them. The #1 author I want to meet is of course Neil Gaiman, although there are lots of others ;)

  4. You've met some great authors this year Carly! I'm so jealous of you meeting Sarra Manning, she's one of my all time favourite authors and I would love to meet her!!


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