Friday, 30 December 2011

Vlog: Christmas Bookish Gifts

Good day, chaps! I've recorded my last vlog of 2011, which you can have a gander at below if you feel so inclined. Please forgive my poor editing, bad sound quality and general failure at making videos. I will get better next year, I promise.

It's a short one, just showing you a couple of the YA books I got for Christmas this year.

(If the video isn't working can someone let me know on Twitter so I can bitch slap Blogger? Ta)


  1. Can you review Zombie Blondes please? I don't really know if I'd like to read it and I would like a second opinion :) Here's what I got with my Christmas money:

  2. You look really good on camera Carly! Also, HOW MANY BOOKS DID YOU GET?! I only got 3 - two writing books and a cook book LOL

  3. You got some fab books there - Fat Vampire sounds like so much fun.

    And I love your vlogs too - your editing skills are way better than mine! :D

  4. Argh and grumble, my family do NOT buy me books as presents. Thankfully, I have some birthday money I've been saving up (and I did get Christmas money from my MIL) so I can buy a load of books soon to make up for it.


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