Friday, 17 February 2012

Video: Sh*t Book Reviewers Say

TFIF, I'm sure you all agree!

I just wanted to share this brill video with you all - I'm sure all book bloggers are guilty of a few of these, I know I am. I'm pretty sure I've used every single one of those phrases at some point in reviews - oops!

What do you think? Do you ever use any of these in your reviews?

(Video found courtesy of a friend on Facebook - thanks, Tracy!)


  1. Good video,you are good writer and your blogs is nice.thanks for sharing, You can watch a lot of Politics Video.

  2. Haha this video is hysterical. And so true! (I've definitely used a few of those phrases!)

  3. hehe - so funny :)

    I'm pretty sure I've said a few of these lol


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