Monday, 2 April 2012

Favourite Covers: Trees (Part One)

So I know we're not supposed to judge books by their covers but I just can't help myself! My laptop is full of folders of pretty covers so I've decided to post a few of my favourites up - the theme for this post is... Trees!

The Wood Queen - Karen Mahoney

Dark Companion - Marta Acosta

My Name is Memory - Ann Brashares

The Repalcement - Brenna Yovanoff

Tyger Tyger - Kersten Hamilton

Unearthly - Cynthia Hand

Born at Midnight - C. C. Hunter


So, that's it for this week - what do you think? Which is your favourite?


  1. It's never really occurred to me how beautiful and dramatic trees can look on covers before, depending on lighting and the time of the year. I love the bright contrasting colours of The Wood Queen.

  2. Trees! I would have never really thought about them on covers before. But they're very pretty. My favourite of the ones you've posted is probably My Name Is Memory.

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