Saturday, 28 April 2012

My friend's book is out today, yo! Plus, baking!

A very good morning to all of you lovely guys and girls! It's the weekend - hooray. Although, it is horribly grey and absolutely pissing it down in the lovely SW of England but still. What do you all have planned for the next couple of days?

Me - I am baking! Me and Tom are looking after my mum's dog for the weekend while her and my nan are off on holiday (jealous), so we decided to stay in and BAKE. I'm an okay cook but I definitely don't do it enough so this will be a fun exercise. I have way too many recipes planned and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a disaster but I'm armed with my camera so I can report back at the end of the weekend to let you know how I got on. There will be much flour in my hair, I'm sure.

But more importantly that the epic baking weekend of calorific joy is the fact that my pal's first published short story is out today on Amazon for your Kindle! I only found out this week so I thought I'd blog about it on release day to let you guys know, in case you fancied a quick read that's something a little different.

I can vouch for Andrew and confirm that he is a top guy, as well as being a kick ass writer. We were on the same course at Bath Spa and, honestly, if it wasn't for him I definitely, DEFINITELY would never have passed the hellish film module I took in my first year. It was doomed from the start but somehow I managed to pass wtih Andrew's help. Actually, somehow I managed to get two marks off of a first, go figure. So a much delayed, big fat thank you, dude, for arriving at my flat armed with vodka and shit loads of awesome ideas. Or did I supply the vodka? Either way, I've just whisked a copy of Elsa's Reality off to my Kindle and you folks should too. What else could you buy with 77p? 3 and a bit Freddos (remember when they were 10p? I do)? A pint of milk?! I have no idea what milk costs. You know what else you can buy? A YA fantasy short story named Elsa's Reality. Bargain.

Summary (from Amazon): Elsa grew up listening to her father's tales of a witch who nearly destroyed her home town. As strange occurrences start happening again, Elsa, Mama and Father are moved to a new home. The Man in Red says Elsa is sick and as she tries to get better she can't help thinking that Mama's temper, Father's fear and their moving are somehow all her fault.

So if you do fancy purchasing a copy right now here are the links:


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  1. Yay for Andrew :) I am SO excited about reading this, I loved his uni stuff.

    (Oh and good luck with your baking!!)


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