Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cover Reveal Extravaganza: Strange Chemistry

Now, I love a good book cover. I also love a bad book cover. I just love book covers. I like swooning over the good ones, laughing over the bad ones (Hades, I’m looking at you) and WTFing over the downright bizarre.

You may have noticed fabulous new YA imprint Strange Chemistry (birthed from the loins of Angry Robot, who I love and you jolly well should too) have released the cover art for their first five books, which are all due out later this year. Instead of posting up one cover at a time I thought I’d have a Strange Chemistry cover reveal extravaganza, like one joyful YA cover orgy of glory (assonance FTW, thank you please).

How amazing is this cover, seriously? It's beauuutiful.
 The Assassin's Curse - Cassandra Rose Clarke

I love this cover so damn much. I love the air, the eye make up, the snake. It's gorgeous and I would absolutely pick this book up if I saw it in a book shop.
 Blackwood - Gwenda Bond

This reminds me of a poster for some bad ass action film my boyfriend will force me to watch against my will...but that I'll end up loving anyway!
 Shift - Kim Curran

I love that because the protagonist is a 'jeans and T-shirt kind of girl' (as Amanda said on the SC website) that's how she's portrayed on the cover, not as a sad girl in a floaty dress because that's what's 'in' at the moment.
 Poltergeeks - Sean Cummings

Could this be any more old school Sci fi? Amazing!
Katya's World - Jonathan L. Howard


So there we have it. A whole host of lovely covers – feast your eyes, people. Which one is your favourite? I’m torn between The Assassin's Curse and Blackwood. I love that the covers all seem to fit in really well with their respective novels, rather than the whole ‘sad girl, nice dress, draped across something’ habit that is driving me batshit at the moment. And look how different they all are. Brilliant. Strange Chemistry, you truly are a breath of fresh air when it comes to cover design!


  1. I am pining for Poltergeeks! Pining!!!

  2. Great recap of some effective cover-art-ing. All I'd add about the current girl-in-floaty dress routine is that they're also frequently doing their floatyness... underwater. You know, limp body,hair drifting... getting to be a serious cliche. What's up w/ all that?

  3. Ooh, love, love, love these covers. Must say I'm loving The Assassin's Curse and Blackwood as well. Oh and I'm glad to hear that the covers actually seem to match up with the story - because that's one of my biggest pet peeves as well!


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