Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wrap Up: Team Candor UK Insurgent Reviews

So the Insurgent release week of madness is done and dusted, phew! I think I can speak for pretty much everybody involved when I say it was a lot of fun and a roaring success. I couldn’t move for Insurgent related posts and, in my opinion, that’s a good thing. What I loved is that it wasn’t just review after review being mindlessly churned out; there were discussion posts, Insurgent related tattoos, cocktail recipes and giveaways – and that was only from team Candor! I read so many wonderful posts from all of the teams involved and I loved that the reviews were so varied; it was great to read so many different writing styles and approaches to reviews. All in all, I ruddy loved it and I’m so grateful to Harper for letting me be involved so big, massive thanks for that!

At this stage I’m not sure who the winning team are as nothing has been announced but whichever team it turns out to be – congrats, guys! I know every team worked so hard on this so whoever does end up winning absolutely deserves it, in my opinion.

It was great fun getting everything organised and chatting with everyone in Team Candor to come up with our plan for the week. I spoke to so many bloggers I hadn’t had a chance to chat to before and I’ve definitely made some new blogging pals, not to mention a tonne of fantastic blogs to add to my reader. I want to give an extra special shout out to my lovely co-leader, Sarah – it was fab to be partnered with someone I’m such good friends with and she was an absolute star in getting things organised and up and running.

Without further ado, here is the final round up of the blogs involved in Team Candor. The twelve who did post reviews have links to their reviews next to them. Unfortunately we are missing one review so it looks as though we’re out of the running but, even so, a massive thank you to everybody who was involved in making the Team Candor UK campaign a whole load of giggles:

Chicklitaholic - N/A (no review)
Gothic Angel Book Reviews 

And one more review from our lovely honorary member of Team Candor, brand spanking new blogger, For the Love of a Good Book.

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