Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Book Haul

Basically, I'm too disorganised to do a weekly post for Letterbox Love of IMM about the books I've bought and received for review so, yes, a monthly effort I can stick to.

Seeing as it's the last day of the month (pinch, punch for tomorrow) it's worked out kind of perfectly. Here are the books that have come into my possession throughout the month of June:

Books received/bought in June

Purchased by me: Bad Taste in Boys, Reunited, You are Here, The Downside of Being Charlie, This is Not a Test and Chime (more on that below!) 

The reason I bought the new paperback of Chime - I'm quoted on the back cover! YAY! Thank you to The Book Smugglers for tweeting about this or I'd have missed it completely.

 Received at the Random House Blogger Brunch: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Now is Good, Muddle and Win, Never Fall Down and Time Between Us

 Surprises received from publishers: Turf (yay), Rapture (double yay), The Night Sky in my Head, God Save the Queen, Spy for the Queen of Scots, Neptune's Tears, Snow White and the Huntsman, Hades (was it really a wise move sending this to me, considering my review of the cover and Halo?) and Why We Broke Up (which looks *amazing*)
  Received for review: Grave Mercy, Pushing the Limits, Grymm (looks brilliant!), Losing Lila and Seraphina

 Received for review: Torn, The Forsaken, Emma <3 LA, Blood Moon, Saving June and Black Heart Blue

 And my copy of The Forsaken was signed by the lovely author, Lisa M Stasse, who sent me a copy all the way from the US. Massive thank you, Lisa, I'm on chapter four and completely engrossed!


So that's my book haul for June. I didn't get a chance to buy too many books this month because the ones I did buy were mostly US imports so a tad pricey. What did you guys get this month? Anything I should order a copy of that you see missing?


  1. That's so awesome that you were quoted on Chime! I've heard Reunited is great.

    Happy Reading!


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