Thursday, 5 July 2012

From the Review Pile (5) - All These Things I've Done - Gabrielle Zevin

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From Stepping Out of the Page: From the Review Pile is a meme hosted by Stepping Out of the Page every Thursday. The aim of this meme is to showcase books that you've received for review (or any book that you own and really want to read/review) but haven't yet got around to reading, in order to give the book some extra publicity.

2012 has been a busy year at Writing from the Tub in terms of review copies and a combination of focusing on my own writing and a lot of real life busy-ness has meant I haven’t been getting through new releases as quickly as I’d like. There are so many wonderful books on my shelves that I’ve been sent by publishers that are waiting to be read, so I’m looking forward to using From the Review Pile as a way to give them a bit of coverage and publicity while I’m working my way to them.

This week I want to highlight All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin. I was so excited when I received my copy last year (eek - last YEAR, I'm so behind it's not even funny) but I haven't been in quite the right mood to pick it up yet. The cover is great and I've heard a lot of wonderful things about what's inside the cover so hopefully I'll get round to it soon!

Summary (from Goodreads): In 2083, chocolate and coffee are illegal, paper is hard to find, water is carefully rationed, and New York City is rife with crime and poverty. And yet, for Anya Balanchine, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the city's most notorious (and dead) crime boss, life is fairly routine. It consists of going to school, taking care of her siblings and her dying grandmother, trying to avoid falling in love with the new assistant D.A.'s son, and avoiding her loser ex-boyfriend. That is until her ex is accidently poisoned by the chocolate her family manufactures and the police think she's to blame. Suddenly, Anya finds herself thrust unwillingly into the spotlight--at school, in the news, and most importantly, within her mafia family.


  1. This one was just okay for me. I think it's because I went into it expecting more of a dystopian novel and it ended up being more of a contemporary. Not that that's bad, it just wasn't what I was in the mood for at the time. Plus, I listened to the audio sent to me for review, and I just couldn't get into the story because I didn't like the narrator. I do hope you enjoy it when you get around to it, though. The sequel should be out soon, right?

    Thanks for sharing. Here's my Awhile on the Pile post. Happy Thursday! :D

  2. I got this one for review last year too and I also still haven't found the time to read it. Crazy, right? I will have to make time for it soon since I now have the sequel for review as well. =P

  3. I've had this on my list of books to try from the library for a bit, I haven't really read any reviews on it, but I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I loved this book! I hope you do too.

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