Sunday, 5 August 2012

Audio Blog Tour: Gods and Warriors - Michelle Paver

I've got a bit of a different post today for you all, as I'm taking part in the audio blog tour for Michelle Paver's next release, Gods and Warriors. Over the next few days you're going to be able to hear the beginning of the Gods and Warriors audiobook, by visiting all of the blogs on the tour, as each blog is hosting a snippet for you to listen to. 

I don't listen to audiobooks as much as I'd like to but taking part in this tour has reminded me how great audiobooks can be. I've listened to my section so many times now I'm desperate to listen to the rest of the book!

Do have a listen below and make sure you visit the brill Rhys and co at Thirst for Fiction tomorrow to hear the next installment. If you missed yesterday's clip do swing by to see lovely Jenny at Wondrous Reads to catch up.

To pre-order your copy of Gods and Warriors click here to visit the Amazon page for the book and for more information, click here to watch the book trailer.


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