Wednesday, 15 August 2012

On the latest drama in the YA community

Things haven't been very pleasant lately, have they?

Unless you're lucky (and smart) enough to have stayed away from Twitter and Goodreads I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about. A ridiculous amount of dramas have blown up between reviewers, authors, publishers and everybody else involved in this community. I've seen name calling, fighting and actual threats of violence thrown about all over the place in the last few weeks. Come on people, can we please just sort this shit out?

I'm not pointing the finger at anybody here because, honestly, there isn't one area of the community that's at fault. I've seen immature, petty behaviour from bloggers, independant reviewers, editors, agents, self-published writers, Indie writers, Big Six writers, librarians and publicists. There's at least a few people in every single group of the community that has, recently, acted completely out of order. And I'll admit that every time any drama blew up I was there, reading the comments, laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation and boring my boyfriend by telling him every single development, whether he wanted to hear it or not (clue: he didn't).

Eventually, though, I began to realise that it was the same arguments over and over again, just in a different way and with varying shades of bullying thrown in for good measure. A few things I noticed are as follows:

1. People really, really like to threaten legal action over the teeniest, tiniest little things. I saw someone say they were in touch with their lawyer after someone called them a bitch? REALLY? *Special snowflake alert*

2. People seriously need to learn the different between libel and slander


4. If someone does troll one of your reviews you DO have an option to ignore it. I quite frequently attract anonymous trolls to my blog - I've been called a bitch, a bad writer, a grammar Nazi, a horrible person, a liar, someone so vile they would never want to know me in real life. I've had people telling me they hope I have a self harming problem and that they hope my parents die so I become more empathetic. Etc. I also had someone accuse me of not reading a book before reviewing it because I made a geographical mistake in my review - that's the one I *really* wanted to reply to but what's the point?
It makes you look as petty as them and nothing good will come of it. Just rise above it, my friends. It's a bit rich to complain about drama and arguments and then do everything you can to encourage it. If you don't want a fight then ignore the crazy.

5. There are douche bags in ALL areas of the YA community. It shouldn't ever be Bloggers vs. Authors or Librarians vs. Publicists or any group against any other group - it should be Douche Bags vs. Normal, Sane People. Or, Douche Bags being ignored by Normal, Sane People. That is all.

I love 99% of people I've had contact with in the YA community, all areas of reviewing, writing and publishing combined. The vast majority of people are lovely, sweet and interesting and I love being a part of such a diverse, wonderful group of people. There are a few jackasses, sure, but there are in every area of life. I'm refusing to let it get to me and I'm not going to give those people, any of those people, another moment of my time or energy. I'm going to concentrate on reading and writing and talking books, because that's why I blog and that's what I love.

So, I'm pledging, from today onwards, that I am going to stay out of drama, I am going to avoid reading it and I am not going to give it any of my attention.

Who's with me?


  1. I've stayed out of it all from the get go. I don't want to get involved, like you I've seen bad behaviour on all 'sides'. I've rarely even commented on posts about it and I've not mentioned anything at all on my blog. I'm determined to keep it drama free, if possible. I feel upset in behalf of people who have been attacked but also I'm just sick and tired of it all. Every week it seems like someone else is having a hissy fit and then everyone else seems to get involved. Sigh. Good post.

  2. Gosh, I seem to have missed most of this latest drama! I haven't been on twitter much recently. There does seem to be a lot of drama in the YA community but I tend to keep out of it. Best thing to do. :)

  3. I'm with you & what an amazing post Carly & I so agree with you.
    My fav point was #5 - it should be Douche Bags vs. Normal, Sane People or even better Douche Bags being ignored by Normal, Sane People :)
    I'm actually staying away from all the drama, because i don't want it to destroy my blogging enjoyment, and you're right, it always seems to be the same drama over & over again.

  4. YES! I wish more people who were not directly involved in the dramas would just stay out of it. I roll my eyes constantly on Twitter at those who go on and on .. and on about some drama in the US about people only vaguely known. What is the point?

    Why get so worked up about it, what does it really achieve. So I'm with you. Unless I'm DIRECTLY INVOLVED and dear god, I hope I never am again, I'm staying well clear.

  5. I'm so shocked you've personally been subjected to abuse on your blog. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would do/say such terrible things, you really have to wonder about their mental health status.

    I don't tend to comment a lot but I really enjoy your blog when I get the chance to have a read:)


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