Thursday, 18 October 2012

From the Review Pile (6) - How to Keep a Boy as a Pet

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From Stepping Out of the Page: From the Review Pile is a meme hosted by Stepping Out of the Page every Thursday. The aim of this meme is to showcase books that you've received for review (or any book that you own and really want to read/review) but haven't yet got around to reading, in order to give the book some extra publicity.

2012 has been a busy year at Writing from the Tub in terms of review copies and a combination of focusing on my own writing and a lot of real life busy-ness has meant I haven’t been getting through new releases as quickly as I’d like. There are so many wonderful books on my shelves that I’ve been sent by publishers that are waiting to be read, so I’m looking forward to using From the Review Pile as a way to give them a bit of coverage and publicity while I’m working my way to them.

This week I want to highlight How to Keep a Boy as a Pet by Diane Messidoro. I met Diane at a UKYA meet up earlier this year and she was absolutely lovely, so do make sure you stop by and see her at any events she might be doing near you.

This just looks like such a fun contemporary story that I'm really excited to read it. It's one of those that I've been really close to picking up ever since I got sent a copy, though I haven't quite been in the perfect mood yet. I read the beginning a while ago and loved it so hopefully I will be in the right mood soon, as this seems like the perfect read to get me through the chilly October nights!

Summary (from Goodreads): The Official Truth about dating the male human species!

Can taming a gorgeous boy really be as easy as walking a dog?

Circe Shaw is on a mission. She must transform into a fabulously sophisticated journalist and discover the amazing scientific truth about boys. Urgently.

But life is beyond complicated. Circe has to deal with a poisonous rival, her mum’s annoying ‘just friends’ men and her own Dark Past.

Can Circe’s daring investigation really teach her the facts of love? 

Will it help her finally get a boyfriend? 

Or will it break her heart…?


  1. I have this one on the TBR pile too but haven't gotten round to it yet.

  2. Carly and Lyndsey, I urge you both to read this book sooner rather than later! It is SO FUNNY and sweet. One of my favourite books that I've read all year. I just had a big smile on my face all the way through reading it :)

  3. It's excellent - I feel the same as Michelle about this book! You'll both love it.

  4. I read this book and it was so much fun! You'll love it. :)

  5. Can’t wait for the next one. Actually I am searching about cheap paper on different blogs.

  6. Pretty exciting, I like your writing. Waiting for some more good stuff from your side.


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