Monday, 22 October 2012

Literary Gift Giving Guide: Clothes

For of all, big apologies that this wasn't up last Friday as it was supposed to be... I had a bit of a busy working week and many other boring things, blah!

This week for my literary gift giving guide I'm going to share with you eight of my favourite book-themed items of clothing from various online shops. Everything you see here is available in the UK (or can be shipped) and I've tried to stick to the affordable end of the pricing spectrum - times are tough, folks!

Click the title or picture to visit the shop for yourselves and, just to confirm, I haven't been contacted by any of the companies involved in regards to this post, I just thought it'd be a fun feature!

Let me know in the comments if you'll be buying or wishing for any of these this Christmas or for birthdays and make sure you drop by this Friday, when I'll be looking at the ideal gifts for writers.


These shoes are painted by hand with textile paint, and have been fixed by ironing. The design is rain-proof, and can withstand washing at 40 degrees celcius or less. I have not tried washing myself though. The left shoe has a mockingjay pin design in gold (1st book) and the right side a mockingjay bursting free in blue (3rd book). The inner sides with the Converse logo have been left unpainted.

Ookadeeting for the nochy? Don this horrorshow fleece before hitting the milk bar, O my brothers and sisters. From the 1972 Penguin softcover by David Pelham.

Sylvia Plath first published her semi-autobiographical novel under the pseudonym "Victoria Lucas" to protect the individuals portrayed in the story. From the 1963 first edition cover.

Um, how amazing is this? Unfortunately it's not for sale but, still, we can dream!

(NB: All italicised passages are from the product descriptions on the relevant websites)


  1. O. M. G. I WANT THOSE HUNGER GAMES CONVERSES!!!!!!!!! I know what I'm asking for for my birthday lol ;)

  2. You have a way with words. Excellent work!
    uk writer

  3. Nice shirts... Thanks for sharing..

  4. I like the shirts.. Nice work !


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