Friday, 12 October 2012

Literary Gift Giving Guide: Mugs

Happy Friday everybody! What are you all up to this weekend? I'm heading even further down South to visit some of my lovely school friends for a weekend of chick flicks, S'more stuffed chocolate cookies (seriously, SERIOUSLY) and dodgy home made cocktails. I can't bloody wait.

For the first installment of my literary gift giving guide I'm going to share with you nine of my favourite book-themed mugs from around the web. All of these mugs are available in the UK (or can be shipped) and are all pretty reasonably priced, considering how awesome they are.

Click the title or picture to visit the website where you can pick up one of these bad boys for yourselves and, just to confirm, I haven't been contacted by any of the companies involved in regards to this post, I just thought it'd be a fun feature!

Let me know in the comments if you'll be buying or wishing for any of these this Christmas and do stop by next week, when I'll be tackling clothing.

'Celebrate your freedom to read. Or at least to caffeinate in support of the power of free expression.
This mug boldly displays the title of some the world's most famous banned books, from Galileo's Dialogo to Rushdie's Satanic Verses and 22 titles in between.'

'Who has the best beard ever? Seneca Crane! Now you, too, can by nearly as stylish with this coffee mug.'

'The perfect mug for librarians: we tried to do a mug which said "Go away I'm cataloguing, and helping children, and shelving, and being nice to borrowers..." but we couldn't fit it all on.'

'The perfect mug for female book lovers. The quotation featured is by Louisa M Alcott who wrote the wonderful Little Women.'

I absolutely love this quote and you'll see it more than once in the rest of my gift giving lists. I've got a beautiful necklace with this quote inscribed on it that my mum gave me last year and it's gorgeous - look out for it when I talk about jewellery gifts!

'The first step to understanding your addiction to books is to acknowledge it. This personalised mug will help you admit to yourself, and the world, that you love literature and just can't get enough of it.'

I was a huge fan of the Little Miss and Mr Men books when I was a child so I was so excited to see this range online - hop over to Amazon and you can check out the full range of titles.

Over at the Literary Gift Company (click on the title above to go there) they have a whole host of mugs featuring classic Penguin covers, so if 1984 isn't your favourite there are plenty to choose from.

'Be Transported “A good book transports the reader to another time or place; both real and imaginary. Such magical novels make it possible to board a bus in the heart of the city and be carried away to a remote desert island, the moon or back to 1885. Books, much like buses, are there for everyone."'

Dear lord, how amazing is this? It went onto my Christmas list the second I saw it! I think all of us bloggers need one of these in our lives!

'An original design by The Literary Gift Company, this romantic mug features a heart-shaped extract from the scene in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth and Mr Darcy realise their true feelings for each other.'

(NB: All italicised passages are from the product descriptions on the relevant websites)


  1. Mugs will be more helpful for us. And we can use to gifted to someone also, and now a days these are coming with new models like friends one, loved one etc........

  2. What brilliant mugs! Seneca Crane's Beard made me giggle. I have "She is too fond of books" on a shopping bag - which I take out with me when I have some serious book shopping to do. This bag warns people: THIS WOMAN MEANS BUSINESS! :D

  3. I think I need to go and lie down to recover from the brilliance of this post! MUGS and BOOKS.
    I know which one I shall have to drop hints about. And you have just reminded me that I need to replace the husband's Mr.Men mug that I broke ;)

  4. Love Love Love this post - I want them all LOL


    The Seneca Crane one especially!!!!

  6. This was so helpful thank you! Only problem is I want them all for myself!


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