Friday, 5 October 2012

Literary Gift Giving Guide

I know, I know - we haven't even had Halloween yet and already the Christmas presents and food are out in every shop on the high street. Well, we might only be in October but I'm already starting to get prepared for my favourite time of year. Not only is it Christmas but it's also my birthday on December 17th, hooray!

This year I've decided to share with you a few of the book-themed gifts I've found, some of which I'll be buying for friends, some of which I've put on my own wishlists and some of which are just too awesome not to share. If you're stuck for ideas of what to buy your bookish friends, or want some inspiration for your own Christmas list, then hopefully I can help!

I've been scouring the Internet for ideas for a few weeks now, so between now and Christmas I'm going to feature a post every Friday dedicated to literary gifts:

1. Mugs
2. Clothing
3. Gifts for writers
4. Home Decor
5. Jewellery
6. Wall Art
7. Reading journals
8. E-reader covers
9. Stocking Fillers
10. Miscellaneous - all the rest
11. Games

The feature will kick off next Friday (October 12th) and run until the Friday before Christmas (December 21st). I hope you'll join me back here next Friday to check out my favourite bookish themed mugs!


  1. What a wonderful idea! No matter the time of year, it's alright to be thinking Christmas presents (that's my mantra, anyway). After all, the actual holiday season is for cookie baking and complaining about the cold! Better to get the shopping out of the way ahead of time. *grin*

  2. Bah Humbug! I refuse to even think about Christmas yet - I won't even walk up the aisle with all the Christmas stuff in it at my local supermarket LOL.

    I am however looking forward to these posts - I'm just going to pretend they're suggestions for birthday presents and ignore any reference to Christmas :oP Stupid I know but it'll make me feel better :o)

  3. Haaaaaaaaaa, Sarah I'm definitely going to bombard you with text messages filled with Christmas song lyrics!!!x

  4. Hello! Found your blog when Kirsty (Overflowing Library) recommended it on Clover's site, "Fluttering Butterflies." What a brilliant idea for a series of posts! Although I can see myself making a very long Christmas wish list for myself. New follower here.

  5. What a brilliant idea. I am looking forward to these but I don't think my purse will be ;D


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