Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Please help, folks!

A couple of months ago I asked you guys to do me (and my nan) a huge favour and vote for the Golden Oldies to go through to the Lottery Awards 2012. I know a lot of you contacted me to say you voted and they got through!

So I'm going to ask you to do me one more favour and vote for them again, as this time your vote will help decide who wins the award (voting closes on October 28th). The Goldies does so much to bridge the gap between older and younger generations and I know it helps so much older men and women feel less alone, when they might not have friends and family around to socialise with on a regular basis. 

If you click here you can visit the voting page to cast your vote for the Golden Oldies, all you have to put in is your email address (to verify you haven't voted more than once) and as long as you opt out of the newsletter you won't receive any emails or spam (I registered months ago and have never received anything so I can vouch for that). If you scroll down the page there's a short video about the Goldies and my nan is featured as one of the main people - she's Vera so do look out for her, she has quite a lot of involvement!

She's so chuffed that they've made it this far, Goldies has completely changed her life and I would appreciate it so, so much if you'd vote for them. I love the message the Goldies spreads about happiness and singing and breaking down the barriers between generations. When my nan went to an event at a local school she spent the afternoon chatting with the pupils about being evacuated from London to Devon in the war and how much life has changed since she was born - they even sent her a thank you letter afterwards. I'd love for the Goldies to win the award so they can carry on running this brilliant charity.

My nan absolutely adores the time she spends at Golden Oldies events and I've seen such a change in her since she started going. My nan is one of the lucky ones, she's very social, sees me and my mum every day and, to be honest, probably has more friends than me! But when I think about what might happen if she hadn't had a family, it just makes me glad there are charities like the Golden Oldies around.

Thank you guys - it really means a lot to me and my lovely nan. Do look out for her in the video!

And to say thank you for voting, here's a picture of Ian Somerhalder with amazing arms:


  1. Voted for you Carly, such a great cause :o)

  2. Done - this seems like such a great project with benefits on both sides. Thanks for posting this - I wouldn't have known you could vote for where the good causes money goes otherwise, and found several other cool projects in other categories too :)

  3. You always sway me with the pictures of men's arms... :D


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