Thursday, 11 October 2012

Trailer Thursday: What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang

Today I've got the trailer for Kat Zhang's What's Left of Me to share with you all. I haven't had a chance to read the book yet but I've seen some really positive comments going back and forth between bloggers on Twitter so I'm really keen to try this one out.

I wanted to read it before I saw the trailer but now I think I'm going to have to bump it up my TBR list a bit so I can start it even sooner than planned. This is an example, for me at least, of a trailer that works so well. It gives us a hint about the story and characters, not so much that it's info dumping but just enough that I know I can't wait to discover the story.

The production values are great, too, which is always welcome with a book trailer. I still stand by the fact it's not worth making a trailer unless it can look just as slick and professional as a movie trailer; I'm sure a bad trailer would do far more damage to a book's reputation than no trailer at all. What do you think?


So, what do you think? Does the trailer make you more or less keen to read the book? Or, if you've already read What's Left of Me, do you think the trailer is a good representation of the story?

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  1. I loved the hunting game series. This is at least as good. They are so different. I cant decide which I like better. Can't wait for the next book.

    Definitely leaves you wanting more.


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