Saturday, 17 November 2012

This Week at Writing from the Tub

Hello chaps,

Posts have been a little thin on the ground lately so my apologies for that - I've got a deadline to get my book finished (this rewrite, at least) by the end of the year so I'm very aware there are only six weeks left! My writing group (the YAvengers) have been absolutely amazing and we're all trying to keep each other motivated to finish by the end of 2012, eek!

I've been doing lots of work to get Life from the Tub ready to go live (again, I know!) at the beginning of 2012. I'll be writing lots of posts about what I'm up to day to day, shopping, home made jewellery giveaways make up, music, TV and films - Yup, it is that deep, folks. I'm really, really excited for this, I feel like I need something that's just for me, with no deadlines or pressures so I can't wait for you all to have a read. If you feel like following now so you don't miss things when they start up in January the link is, my follower count is very feeble right now so I'd really appreciate it!

I've also been working on my BlogINK entry this morning - it's an amazing opportunity so I'm definitely going to take part. I've had a look at the entries that are already up; there are some brilliant ones! My entry is titled: The Literary Triforce - Reading, Writing and Blogging and I'm hoping to get it up early next week, once I've rewritten it a couple of times. I'm so excited to see who makes it through to the next stage, there's so much talent within the YA blogging community so it's great that Mira are offering a prize like this. Thanks, Mira!

I'm trying to finish my TEFL qualification by the end of the year. I've still got two assignments and an exam to take so I'm a little bit worried I won't be able to get it finished by Christmas. I'm thinking about extending my deadline by three months, though, as I'd rather take a little bit more time and do it properly than rush through just for the sake of trying to finish it this year. Right now I feel like I'd be a *terrible* teacher and it is something I'd like to do while travelling (when I get round to it) so I definitely want to make sure I finish the course feeling confident, so the extra three months might be a good idea.

In other writing-related news, last week I finished a massive freelance project that I've been working on since the summer so that was a huge relief. It was a really fun project, writing about infinity pools all over the world. I really enjoyed it but it's nice to have that signed off before Christmas. My birthday's the week before Christmas so I pretty much get nothing done in December...except this year, when I will write a book, apparently :S.

One last spot of news: I had a huge clear out of my bookshelves last week, I think I culled about 100 unsolicited/read and read-but-didn't-enjoy books that I donated to my local library (which has just been revamped and looks AMAZING). I always feel jolly after donating books to my library; I try to do it twice a year as I think it's far better for the books to be out there being read and enjoyed by people rather than sitting on my shelves collecting dust, just so I can brag about how many books I have. Anyway, if I do feel like reading one of the books I've donated I can always check it back out from the library! What do you guys do with books you've read and reviewed but weren't a huge fan of?

I hope you're all well and having a lovely November; congratulations to everybody who's doing an amazing job with NaNoWriMo, your status updates are making me GREEN with envy that I'm failing with my book at the moment, gahhh!

And to finish, here's a picture of Ryan Gosling looking phenomenally handsome. YOU'RE WELCOME:


  1. Huge luck on the rewrite! That'll be awesome to finish and be happy with. Really happy to see you'll be relaunching Life in the Tub! I was enjoying those posts but can definitely understand how busy things have been lately.

    I donate my books to my local secondary schools. I take turns with them so that they all get a big bunch of books. It's usually around 100 books and I do it once a year. The librarians at these schools are always a little bit dubious when I call to ask if they accept donations.. It makes me feel good though. Adult books I just donate to charity shops though!

    I really like the sound of your TEFL course! I think it'd be amazing to travel and teach!

  2. Wow Carly you are superwoman. I'll go join the other site now. Good Luck with all your projects <3

  3. And I thought I took on a lot this year!!! Well done for getting so much done though.

    I'm lucky that I have a nearly 15 year old cousin and a 14 year old (nearly)sister in law who always get the books I don't want.

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