Tuesday, 11 December 2012

BlogINK Book Tour for Sophie at So Many Books, So Little Time - AKA Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

So, chaps, as you all know Mira are offering an amazing opportunity for one member of the YA community to become their official blogger for a year long contract. The very lovely Sophie from So Many Books, So Little Time has made it through to the final round so to help her seal the deal I'm asking you guys to watch her entry video, comment and like it, share it with your friends and generally make a big old noise about it.

Sophie is one of my favourite people that I've met through blogging; I'm so happy I get to call her a friend and I'm super proud of her for getting to this stage in the competition. I can personally vouch that she would be AWESOME at this so I'd love it if you'd take a look at her video and get sharing, folks!

As an extra big thank you, Sophie is going to give away a book for every 100 views on her video so there's even more incentive to get watching and help her win the prize of being Mira's official blogger.

To watch the video on Youtube click here and to follow Sophie's blog click here.

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