Monday, 25 February 2013

Guest Post: Cat Clarke - Why Undone Nearly Came Undone

Happy Monday my lovely chaps, how are you all doing? Did you all have a nice weekend? I spent Saturday hanging out with some lovely beauty bloggers and then spent Sunday lounging on the sofa, as I've caught a bit of a sore throat and I want to make sure I'm in tip top condition for the blogging workshop I'm running on Thursday! IT'S SO SOON. Eek!

But before I get completely distracted I'm here today with a brilliant guest post from the ever so lovely Cat Clarke. As I'm sure you'll all agree, Cat is one of the most talented UKYA writers we have and also a rather lovely gal to boot; isn't it always great when the super talented ones are super nice people too?

You can read my reviews of Cat's books at the following links, if you so wish:
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I have spent far too much time on Twitter talking to Cat about the joys of dog ownership, so it's only fitting her guest post is dog-related! I won't witter on any more so now I'll hand you over to Cat:

***NB: It should be pointed out that since this post was written Cat has 'accidentally adopted a new puppy'. If you follow her on Twitter I'm sure you'll have seen pictures of the gorgeous Ruby and you'll completely understand why!***

Why Undone Nearly Came Undone

I started writing UNDONE in May 2011. I started off at a cracking pace – the words were flowing and life was good. Then I decided to get a puppy. Oops. I went to visit this little bundle of fun in June.

Within a couple of minutes I was a goner. Or rather, my work in progress was a goner. One month later (most of which I spent reading books about puppies) I brought my wee boy home. I named him Griffin. I spent the next couple of months going through A LOT of kitchen roll, having zero social life and posting many, many pictures of Griffpup on Twitter and Facebook. UNDONE was not getting done. At all. But I didn’t mind because I got to go to the beach with Griffin and watch him try to fight the sea.

The deadline loomed. The word count that had looked so impressive in May wasn’t looking so great come November.  Did I allow myself to sink into panic and despair? Well, yeah, actually, I kind of did. I hadn’t quite anticipated the impact my four-legged friend would have on my writing life. Why didn’t anybody warn me? Oh wait. They did. So in December I sat down with Griffin, explained to him that he may have to snooze for a couple of hours every day so I could at least get some writing done. I begged him to be slightly less adorable so I wouldn’t spend quite so much time telling him how handsome he is. After hours of discussion, we came to an agreement: he would snooze, but he wouldn’t budge on the adorableness. It was the best deal I could hope for under the circumstances.

UNDONE did get written in the end. Thank goodness. If you want my advice, don’t get a puppy when there’s a deadline in your future. Alternatively, just get a puppy and trust that you’ll get the work done eventually... even if it is uncomfortably close* to the deadline.

Because I'm worth it

*OK, maybe a teeny tiny little bit past the deadline.


  1. Oh! Griffin is so cute! I love cocker spaniels; they're such pretty dogs!
    I can definitely see why he would take up a lot of your time! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. They are, aren't they? I love a good Spaniel!

  2. haha love this post and ALWAYS happy to see pics of the beautiful Griffpup!

    1. Haha, I was so happy when Cat wrote this post for me as Griffin is sooo adorable!

  3. Very cute puppy. Interesting blog with great pics. Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading, Julie. I'm glad you like the blog :)

  4. Aww, he's adorable! I can see why Cat was distracted.


    1. Ha, I know! I'm terrible with my dog too. It's so hard to concentrate when he's being so cute!


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