Friday, 1 February 2013

Writing Retreat of Joy

Next Friday I'm heading to the glorious Westcountry to stay in a gorgeous cottage for three days with my wonderful writing group, the YAvengers.

I cannot wait.

^ This is an understatement.

We planned the trip last year and February felt ludicrously far away but now it's nearly here and I'm counting down DAYS (seven) instead of weeks!

Basically, the five of us have rented a cottage just on the other side of Longleat (which is only twenty minutes from my house but feels like a million miles away because, well, LONGLEAT, YO! If you haven't been to Longleat you MUST. And I will accompany you as a guide). We're arriving on the Friday and staying until the Sunday. Three days of writerly joy.

Our plans involve nothing more than eating, drinking, chatting about books and writing and everything else and, the main reason for our trip, giving detailed feedback about each of our works in progress. At the beginning of the year we sent our manuscripts off to each other so we've all ready and made notes on each other's books. We've sent round lists of worries/questions we have about our individual books, which we're going to go through as a group and hopefully solve some problems.




  1. That sounds awesome, and I agree that Longleat is fantastic!

  2. That sounds amazing! So jealous. And I really must get around to taking my kids to Longleat - I'm a terrible parent ;)

  3. That sounds so good! I hope you have an amazing time of it :)

  4. This sounds great! I'm jealous of your YA writers' group, have been thinking of setting one up lately.

  5. How have I only just seen this?
    It WAS a perfect weekend. <3


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