Thursday, 24 October 2013

Blog Tour: Andrew Fukuda - The Trap

Today is the day! The Trap is finally out in the wild and out there for you all to enjoy. After two fantastic installments the final part of the trilogy promises even more action, scares and excitement and I for one fully intend to spend all afternoon with my nose in a copy.

I'm lucky enough to have the author of the series, Andrew Fukuda, here at Writing from the Tub to talk about his feelings on finishing the final book of the trilogy. I want to say a huge thank you to Andrew for taking the time to stop by during what must be an insanely busy time - thanks, Andrew, I appreciate it. Folks,  I would write more about how excited I am about this book but, well, I'm off to get started on it right now!

On Finishing the final book of THE HUNT trilogy

Many authors cry after writing the last sentence to their trilogy or series. I can definitely empathize with that sadness – after all, you’ve lived in the universe of that series for years, grown to care for the characters, and writing THE END does feel like saying farewell to your best friends. 

But what I felt most keenly when I finished writing the last sentence in The Trap wasn’t so much sadness as it was relief and excitement.  

Do you remember how stoked you were by The Matrix? It was an incredible film that held so much promise for an awesome film trilogy. And do you remember how bitterly disappointed you were by the two Matrix sequels? Major letdown! 

Over the past two years, a cloud of fear and doubt hung over me – after a promising Book One (The Hunt), I wondered if I would be able to deliver two more books that would please The Hunt fans. In my darker moments, I wondered if the trilogy would end with a whimper like The Matrix trilogy did. Even after writing the second book of the trilogy (The Prey), and loving both the direction it took the series and its execution, I worried about whether I could just as successfully close out the trilogy with The Trap.

When I finished writing The Trap a few months ago, I felt an incredible sense of relief. I knew I’d delivered. This wasn’t going to be a letdown for the Hunt trilogy fans. I remember writing the final sentence, the final word, the final period, and then putting my forehead down on the desk . . . and just exhaling. A weight – that I hadn’t fully realized had been there – lifted off my shoulders. I knew in my heart that I’d finished writing a trilogy that would not only please The Hunt fans, but would enthrall them. I don’t want to be patting myself on my back too much, but folks, this series finale kicks. I’m so immensely pleased with how it turned out.

So that’s why in addition to relief, I also feel excitement. It’s the same kind of excitement I experience when I buy really great Christmas gifts for my boys and leave them under the tree. I can’t wait for Christmas to arrive – I’m counting down the days, as impatient as the boys. Come Christmas morning, I’ll be the first one flying down the stairs just so I can hand them the gifts, just so I can see the expressions on their faces as their tear off the wrapping. And that’s how I feel about October 24th. I can’t wait for all the Hunt fans to tear the wrapping off The Trap and plunge into this book. I so wish I could see your expressions and hear your thoughts as you see what lies in store for Gene and Sissy and Ashley June. It’s going to be cracker of an end for you.

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